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Best New Indie: 10 songs you need to discover this week

What a killer week, music lovers!

It’s been a gigantic week for new tunes, with fresh tracks from renowned indie acts like Charlotte Day Wilson, Sufjan Stevens, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Wilco, Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard, and M83. There were also some unbelievable new releases from up-and-coming artists like Soccer Mommy, Dwayne Gretzky, MONOWHALES, and more!

Check out the best new indie tunes from this week below.

Charlotte Day Wilson – “Mountains”

Toronto’s very own Charlotte Day Wilson has shared a new single called “Mountains.” The new track, which was created at Adidas’ Songs From Scratch Creator Camp, feels like a hybrid between silky R&B grooves and soulful, powerhouse vocals. “Mountains” is a slow-building groove that eventually sees Wilson’s throaty, crooning vocals backed by a choir as she sings lyrics like “Up on a mountain/ Search through the valley/ You hear me calling/ Won’t you come find me?”

Sufjan Stevens – “III”

A few years ago, Sufjan Stevens scored the ballet The Decalogue, which was choreographed by Justin Peck. Now, the full score is set to be released online on October 18th, and Stevens has previewed the record with “III.” “III” is a powerfully elaborate classical piano track that is beautiful in its focus, with instrumental lines that weave and intertwine.

Neil Young and Crazy Horse – “Rainbow of Colors”

Neil Young and Crazy Horse have released a new song called “Rainbow of Colors.” “‘Rainbow of Colors’ is a song about the USA and the whole world,” Young explains on the Neil Young Archives. “The idea of this song is that we all belong together. Separating us into races and colors is an old idea whose time has passed. With the Earth under the direct influence of Climate Change, we are in crisis together needing to realize that we are all one.”

Wilco – “Everyone Hides”

While gearing up for the release of their forthcoming album Ode to Joy, Wilco have shared a video for their new track “Everyone Hides,” which sees the band launching into an extravagant game of hide and seek. “‘Everyone Hides’ is the first promotional video to feature Wilco as a living breathing band of humans in close to 20 years,” frontman Jeff Tweedy explains in a press release. “Maybe for obvious reasons we’ve avoided putting ourselves forward in this way and have tried to play to our strengths musically or, I don’t know, maybe we’ve just been lazy….Or suspicious of expenditures outside of our focus on album making. For whatever reason this time around we just said fuck it and had a blast.”

Brittany Howard – “13th Century Metal”

Alabama Shakes frontwoman Brittany Howard dropped a new solo track called “13th Century Metal” alongside a live performance video. The new track is quite different from the previously released tracks like “History Repeats” and “Stay High,” as it revolves around more of a processed, digitized instrumental line. With gritty, distorted vocals and a raucous, almost cyclical synth line, this powerful track will leave you feeling inspired.

MONOWHALES – “RWLYD (Really Wanna Let You Down)”

MONOWHALES have dropped a new single called “RWLYD (Really Wanna Let You Down).” The new track sees the band moving toward new sonic landscapes with rolling synth lines, a driven bass riff, and catchy lyrical hooks as frontwoman Sally Shaar sings lines like “Oh she’s on to me/ Batter up, batter up, baby let’s go.” With a powerful melody, this chorus is sure to get stuck in your head over and over again.

Dwayne Gretzky – “Make It Wit Chu (Queen of the Stone Age cover)”

Dwayne Gretzky have revealed a new video for their cover of Queen of the Stone Age’s “Make It Wit Chu.” The band’s cover of “Make It Wit Chu” is a smooth, groovy tune, revolving around a driven bass line, silky reverberating vocals, and robotic background vocal lines, ultimately creating an ’80s-synth bop.

Soccer Mommy – “Lucy”

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Soccer Mommy has made her return with with a new track “Lucy.” The new track strays quite a bit from the grungier Clean, with an airy, ambient instrumental, jangly guitar lines, and Soccer Mommy’s silky, processed vocals. The lyricism on this track truly shines, with vulnerable lines like “His mind is a fortress/ You can’t fight your way inside/ His body’s a temple/ Made up of brimstone and fire.”

M83 – “Feelings”

While gearing up for the release of DSVII, which drops tomorrow, M83 has shared a bizarre video for his new track “Feelings.” “In a way, I’m taking a lot of risks in releasing this album,” M83 explains of the record in a press release. “Bertrand was perfect, he loves risks. He’s really underground but has great ideas. His aesthetic is very pure and mystical. He’s been able to tell a really strange story with imagery that doesn’t really fit into our modern society, which I love.”

Teebs – “Studie (feat. Panda Bear)”

Brainfeeder producer Teebs has announced Anicca, his first new album in five years. Today, he’s shared the lead single “Studie,” which is a collaboration with Panda Bear. “Everything [Panda Bear] decides to do is pure gold or fine wine,” Teebs explains in a statement. The gritty new electro-pop tune revolves around a catchy, cyclical beat, ominous synths, and processed vocal lines. The track fits the forthcoming album perfectly, as the record is set to be “a reminder to myself that nothing is permanent,” according to Teebs.

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