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Best New Indie: 10 songs you need to discover this week

You’re in for a treat this week, indie lovers.

We’ve been blessed with so many unbelievable new tracks from indie giants like HAIM, Phantogram, Austra, and more. There also were plenty of releases from up and coming artists like Porches, TOPS, and Lido Pimienta.

Check out the best new indie tracks from this week below.

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HAIM – “The Steps”

Sister trio HAIM have shared a video for their new single, “The Steps.” “The Steps” is a bit grittier than HAIM’s previously released singles “Now I’m In It,” “Hallelujah,” and “Summer Girl,” with more of a driven guitar riff and wailing vocals. The accompanying video, which was co-directed by singer Danielle Haim and Paul Thomas Anderson, follows each member of HAIM as they get ready to start their days, brushing their teeth and smudging their lipstick before going for a swim and playing the drums.


Phantogram – “Dear God”

While gearing up for the release of Ceremony, which drops tomorrow, Phantogram have shared one last single, “Dear God.” “Dear God” is a silky, keys-driven track with a catchy hip-hop undercurrent, making for a powerful groove packed with samples. The complex instrumental still allows Sarah Barthel’s smooth vocals to shine as she delivers lines like, “Take me out of this world I’m livin’ in.”

Austra – “Anywayz”

Austra has announced her fourth album, HiRUDiN, which is set for release on May 1st. As part of the announcement, Austra has shared a video for the album’s opening track, “Anywayz.” Following the release of “Risk It,” Austra has shared “Anywayz,” which “explores the fear associated with leaving someone, and the terrifying realization that without them in your life, the rest of the world will continue unscathed as if nothing has changed,” Austra explains. The accompanying video is powerful in its vulnerability, providing the perfect backdrop to the track’s frantic falsettos.

Lido Pimienta – “Nada (feat. Li Saumet)”

Colombian artist Lido Pimienta has shared a stunning video for her new track “Nada,” which features Li Saumet. Shot in Costeño Beach, Colombia, the video truly reflects Pimienta’s inspiration for the track, which she says is that “[Women] carry our pain, like a memory, like an illness, like punch, like wound. … It hurts to be one of us. It hurts when you are of the water, of the sun and the mountain, it hurts when you are not the mainstream one, you have to survive, not live.”

Muzz – “Bad Feeling”

Interpol frontman Paul Banks has started a new project called Muzz, and today they’ve released “Bad Feeling.” Muzz is made up of Banks, the Walkmen drummer Matt Barrick, and Bonny Light Horseman multi-instrumentalist Josh Kaufman. The new tune is a pretty loose, laidback indie tune with layers of instrumental lines, making for a smooth and easy listen. With dreamy harmonies, soft guitar lines, and delicate horns, this track is sure to put you in a good mood.

Mav Karlo – “Shakedown”

Hollerado frontman Menno Versteeg has announced his debut solo album as Mav Karlo, which does not yet have a title, but is due in less than a week, on March 9th. As part of the announcement, he’s shared a new track called “Shakedown.” Versteeg took to Instagram to reveal that 2019 had been a tough year for him, so he took to Reno, Nevada for nine days over the holidays to get away from it all. “I brought an old 4-track tape recorder and the first guitar I ever owned,” Versteeg wrote. “The day I arrived I bought a used delay pedal and a bunch of cassettes at a pawnshop.”

Porches – “Patience”

Aaron Maine has shared a video for his new track as Porches, “Patience.” The dreamy new ballad has a slow-build before the track explodes into a powerfully vulnerable synth-driven anthem. “‘Patience’ feels like holding hands jumping out of a tree, and all you can do is laugh at the mess you’ve gotten yourselves into, while the two of you spiral towards the grass in a beautiful sunset,” Maine explains in a statement.

TOPS – “Colder & Closer”

Montreal four-piece TOPS share video for new track “Colder & Closer.” The Mashie Alam-directed clip follows frontwoman Jane Penny as the visuals alter between normal shots and thermal colouring. “Jane had this really amazing vision where she hoped to convey the feeling of being immensely close to someone,” Alam explains. “The choice of using thermal footage was made because we wanted to see, feel, and immerse ourselves into the varying temperatures of the body as it heats up, cools down, responds to tough, and feels alone.”

Jade Hairpins – “J Terrapin”

Jade Hairpins, which is led by Fucked Up drummer Jonah Falco and guitarist Mike Haliechuk, have announced their debut album, Harmony Avenue, which drops May 29th. As part of the announcement, they’ve shared a video “J Terrapin.” The new album is “straddling the post-post-punk of something like New Order, Scritti Politti and Orange Juice, with a primordial sense of humour and absurdity not unlike Ian Dury and the Blockheads, Television Personalities, or the Monks.”

Grouplove – “Youth”

Following the release of “Deleter,” Grouplove have shared a new track called “Youth.” The synth-driven track sees band member Hannah Hooper on lead vocals as she encourages the listener to live in the present, delivering lines like, “Live in this moment or you’ll find yourself running out of time.” The accompanying music video stars Twin Peaks actor Grace Zabriskie as she goes about her day, interacting with the band.

Listen to our Best New Indie playlist below!

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