Best New Indie: 10 songs you need to discover this week

Featuring Bon Iver, Mitski, Hayley Williams, and more!

What a week for indie lovers.

This week, we’ve been gifted with unbelievable new tunes from indie giants like Bon Iver, Mitski, Cage The Elephant, Iggy Pop, Stephen Malkmus, and we even saw the return of Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams. We also got some rad alternative tunes from up-and-coming acts like Ellis, Art d’Ecco, Heaps, and more! Check out the best new indie tracks from this week below.

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Bon Iver – “Blood Bank (Live from Ericsson Globe, Stockholm SE, Oct 31 2018”

Bon Iver’s 2009 EP Blood Bank had its 10th anniversary last year, and in celebration, the band will release an expanded reissue on March 27th via Jagjaguwar. The EP marks Justin Vernon’s first release as Bon Iver after his hit record For Emma, Forever Ago. Featuring the renowned track “Woods,” which was later sampled by Kanye West, the EP truly marked a major turning point in Vernon’s career. The new expanded reissue features all four tracks from the original EP, in addition to live recordings from 2018 of each song.


Mitski – “Cop Car”

Mitski has made her return with an eerie new track called “Cop Car.” The single, which comes from the soundtrack to the horror film The Turning, marks the artist’s first new material since 2018’s Be the Cowboy. Like the other releases from the soundtrack, “Cop Car” is inspired by ’90s grunge, but this one features some eerie atmospheric instrumentals.

Hayley Williams – “Simmer”

After weeks of releasing teaser after teaser, Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams has finally announced her forthcoming debut solo album PETALS FOR ARMOR, which is set for release on May 8th via Atlantic. As part of the announcement, Williams has released a video for her new track, “Simmer.” The Warren Fu-directed video is gripping and intense, filled with eerie shots of Williams running through a forest at night naked, clips of her silhouette singing in front of a smokey fire, and a horrifying hooded figure.

Cage The Elephant – “Broken Boy (ft. Iggy Pop)”

American rock band Cage the Elephant have collaborated with Iggy Pop in a new version of their track “Broken Boy.” The track comes off their fifth album Social Cues, which was released last spring and has been nominated for Best Rock Album of 2020 Grammys. On this version, Pop provides his vocals for a verse then adds backing vocals for the track. “Cage is a super high energy outfit, living the rock dream, so for a couple of fun minutes I was one of the boys,” Pop explains in a statement.

Stephen Malkmus – “Xian Man”

Pavement frontman Stephen Malkmus has announced a new solo album called Traditional Techniques, and as part of the announcement he’s released the album’s lead track, “Xian Man.” “Malkmus drew from a whole new musical palette” including a variety of Afghani instruments,” the press release explains. “The album’s 10 tracks are centred around his 12-string acoustic guitar. Malkmus has Matt Sweeney playing guitar throughout, along with The Decemberists’ Chris Funk assisting with the arrangements.

Porches – “Do U Wanna”

Aaron Maine is releasing a new album as Porches, which will be called Ricky Music and is set for release on March 13th via Domino. As part of the announcement, Porches has shared a Nick Harwood-directed video for his new track “Do U Wanna.” “‘Do U Wanna’ is a song about looking at yourself and realizing the disparity between how you’d like to act and how you actually act,” Maine explains in a statement. “The fun you vs. the isolated you. I feel like with the refrain I’m almost taunting myself to get up and do something.”

Ellis – “Fall Apart”

Hamilton indie-pop artist Ellis has announced her new album Born Again, which is set for release April 3rd. As part of the announcement, Ellis has released the music video for her single “Fall Apart.” Ellis spends the song reflecting on falling into her old habits, with soft vocals elevating lyrics like, “And now you see me on my bad days, falling back in my old ways/ Spinning circles in a black haze, I didn’t mean to fall apart.”

Art d’Ecco – “I’ll Never Give You Up”

Toronto electro-glam artist Art d’Ecco has released a video for his new single “I’ll Never Give You Up.” “‘I’ll Never Give You Up’ has been a live staple since my very first show,” Art explains in a statement. “So I’m excited to finally give it a studio birth. Sonically it’s another ode to the early 80s — tracked with analogue synths and live drumming (courtesy of Jeff Mitchelmore from Gold & Youth), we recorded with Producer Colin Stewart at his Hive Studios last summer. I honestly can’t remember what it’s about lyrically- a ghost from the past? The pursuit of times that were, or could have been?”

Nap Eyes – “Mark Zuckerberg”

Halifax quartet Nap Eyes have announced their forthcoming album Snapshot Of A Beginner, which is set for release on March 27th via Jagjaguwar. As part of the announcement, they’ve released a video for their new track “Mark Zuckerberg.” The album’s lead single revolves around crunchy guitar lines and frontman Nigel Chapman’s gritty vocal lines as he delivers lyrics like, “It Mark Zuckerberg a ghost? Maybe, maybe/ Where are his hands and why don’t you ever see them in public?”

Heaps – “Softly”

Heaps, formerly known as The Kents, have shared their debut single, “Softly.” The dynamic new alt-rock anthem revolves around a balance of energetic, pulsing instrumental lines and smooth, yet powerful vocal lines. “Charged within a roadside argument and struck by the juxtaposition of chaos against a peaceful August evening; our debut single, ‘Softly,’ is an earnest meditation on emotional intelligence, what you present and who you are,” the band explains to Indie88. “We have a tendency to view each other as a finite work. Everyone is a process. Everyone is going to change.”

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