Best New Indie: 10 songs you need to discover this week

Featuring Sharon Van Etten, Sufjan Stevens, Lido Pimienta, and more!

The Best New Indie playlist is stacked this week!

We’ve been blessed with fresh cuts from outstanding indie giants like Sharon Van Etten, Sufjan Stevens, Paramore’s Hayley Williams, Lido Pimienta, Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien, The Naked and Famous, and more! Check out the best new indie from this week below.

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Sharon Van Etten – “Beaten Down”

Sharon Van Etten has shared a video for her new track, “Beaten Down.” The powerful new track is ominous and gritty, with a gloomy instrumental line that truly allows Van Etten’s unique vocal lines to thrive. “‘Beaten Down’ is about love, patience and empathy,” Van Etten explains in a statement. “It’s about making life-changing choices and remaining strong enough to see them through.”


Phantogram – “Pedestal”

Phantogram have announced their forthcoming album Ceremony, which is set for release on March 6th via Republic Records. As part of the announcement, they’ve shared a new track called “Pedestal.” “Pedestal” is a perfect representation of the album’s sense of rebirth, as Barthel sings lines like, “You can make a hospital lovely.” With resounding beats and shimmering synths, the layers of instrumental lines truly shine on this track.

Sufjan Stevens, Lowell Brams – “The Unlimited”

Sufjan Stevens has announced Aporia, his forthcoming collaborative album with his stepfather Lowell Brams, which is set for release on March 27th. Today, the duo have shared “The Unlimited.” The new album was recorded over several years. “You know how it is with jamming, ninety percent of it is absolutely horrible, but if you’re just lucky enough, ten percent is magic,” Stevens explains in a statement. “I just kept pulling out these little magical moments.”

Lido Pimienta – “Eso Que Tu Haces”

Canadian-Colombian musician Lido Pimienta has shared a video for her new track “Eso Que Tu Haces.” The vibrant new track revolves around an energetic beat, ambient background harmonies, and Pimienta’s powerful vocal lines as she delivers the refrain, “Eso que te haces/ No es amor,” which translates to “That thing you do/ Is not love.” The colourful accompanying clip, which was co-directed by Pimienta and Paz Ramirez, is visually stunning, with beautifully choreographed moments.

Overcoats – “Fire & Fury”

Overcoats have announced their sophomore album The Fight, which drops on March 6th, 2020. As part of the announcement they’ve shared a video for their new track “Fire & Fury.” The new track opens with a soft instrumental line, allowing the duo’s harmonies to take the lead before it slowly builds into an anthemic hit, as the pair deliver lines like, “There’s a fire/ There’s a fury/ Sky is falling but we’ll get through it.”

The Naked and Famous – “Bury Us”

The Naked and Famous have shared a video for their new track “Bury Us,” which sees them accidentally going on a murderous rampage. The new clip opens with band member Alisa Xayalith making a fruit salad, before she accidentally stabs her significant other while cutting up the fruit. “The boyfriend… dead… fruit salad… I killed him…” she tells fellow band member Thom Powers over the phone. As the clip continues, Xayalith and powers try to cover up the body, but end up racking up more and more dead bodies in their car before they can finally indulge in the fruit salad.

EOB – “Shangri-La”

Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien has announced Earth, his debut solo album as EOB, which is set for release on April 17th via Capitol. As part of the announcement, O’Brien has shared a trailer for the record and a new track called “Shangri-La.” The new track, “Shangri-La,” revolves around a quirky, circular instrumental line, as O’Brien’s dreamy falsettos deliver lines like, “Going round/ I’m not going back.”

Christine and the Queens – “People, I’ve been sad”

Christine and the Queens has shared a new track called “People, I’ve been sad.” The new track revolves around layers of vocals as Chris delivers lines like, “If you disappear, then I’m disappearing too/ You know the feeling, you know the feeling.” With a slowly building instrumental line, the track is powerful in its simplicity, as the lyrics take the lead, swapping between English and French.

Basia Bulat – “Already Forgiven”

Basia Bulat has shared a beautiful video for her new track “Already Forgiven” off of her forthcoming album, Are You in Love?. The new track revolves around forgiveness, understanding the importance of acknowledging the pain of forgiving while accepting the positives of moving on. Bulat explains to Consequence of Sound that, to her, forgiveness is “a place that has clarity and stillness but also moves like a breeze. And it feels like it’s always been there but the path to it is fickle and difficult.”

Vundabar – “Petty Crime”

While gearing up for the release of their forthcoming album, Vundabar have shared a video for their new track, “Petty Crimes.” The dynamic new tune sees Brandon Hagen singing about worries over death, delivering lines like, “Caroline, I told you a lie/ This is no light but I’m afraid to die.” The accompanying music video was inspired by The Sopranos.

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