Best New Indie: 10 songs you need to discover this week

Fresh cuts from Bon Iver, Hozier, The Vaccines, and more.

Tons of great new tracks have surfaced this week with fresh cuts from indie legends like Bon Iver, Hozier, The Vaccines, Ben Rogers, and Said The Whale.

There are also some great new singles from other indie artists like The Japanese House, Only Yours, Perfume Genius, Girlpool, and Goodnight, Sunrise. Check out these 10 new tunes you need to take a listen to this week below.

Bon Iver – “Do You Need Power? (Walk Out Music)”

Bon Iver has just released “Do You Need Power? (Walk Out Music),” off of the soundtrack for the highly anticipated upcoming boxing film Creed II. This marks one of Bon Iver’s first original releases since 2016’s 22, A Million. The soulful track is full of Justin Vernon’s iconic vocals along with a driving beat and wailing melodies.

Said The Whale – “Wake Up”

Said The Whale have just released “Cascadia” and “Wake Up” this week after announcing their upcoming album Cascadia, which will be released on February 8th, 2019. “All the elements that initially attracted people to our band are on this album,” Tyler Bancroft explains. “But filtered through the lens of eleven years of experience with songwriting, touring, and just working together as people…We’ve essentially grown up together.”

Ben Rogers – “A Changed Man”

Following 2015’s album The Bloodred Yonder, Ben Rogers has signed to Dallas Green’s recently launched Still Records label for his upcoming album, and in honour of the announcement he’s released a new track called “A Changed Man.” Green himself produced the album, including the melancholic ballad “A Changed Man,” which was inspired by other peoples’ experiences with domestic violence.

Goodnight, Sunrise – “Song for a Winter’s Night”

Goodnight, Sunrise have just released an indie dance rock cover of Gordon Lightfoot’s holiday classic “Song for a Winter’s Night.” The jolly track is driven by dreamy vocals and a strong, catchy beat, making it a perfect way to kick off your holiday season. “We felt like a modern indie-pop-rock duet would really channel the electricity that runs through the holiday season and keeps us warm during those cold winter months,” the band explained to Indie88.

The Japanese House – “Follow My Girl”

The Japanese House has just released their latest groovy electronic track, “Follow My Girl,” which is the first single off of their upcoming album Good At Falling. The synthy track is sure to get you swaying with the smooth melody and Amber Bain’s silky, yet mechanical vocals. The single is a great representation of Bain’s upcoming debut album Good At Falling, which is supposed to be more personal and direct than any of her earlier releases.

The Vaccines – “All My Friends Are Falling In Love”

The Vaccines have made their return with a video for their new single “All My Friends Are Falling In Love.” The infectious, lonesome new track is the first release from the indie rock band since their energized album Combat Sports from earlier this year. The lyric video follows lead singer Justin Young as he’s forced to watch all of his friends being affectionate with their significant others as he sits on his own.

Girlpool – “Hire”

Girlpool have just released “Hire,” the first single off of their upcoming album What Chaos Is Imaginary, which serves as a follow up to their 2017 album Powerplant. The gloomy, melancholic vocals are layered on top of a groovy, easy going guitar riff that endearingly drives the song forward. The rollicking track is tender and full of Tucker’s hearty post-transition baritones and the duo’s weightier harmonies as they reach new vocal heights.

Perfume Genius – “Alan (Rework)”

Perfume Genius has just shared a rework of “Alan” off of 2017’s No Shape. The original track was the closing song on the album, and was extremely ambient whereas the new rework is more open yet still hauntingly delicate. All streaming proceeds from “Alan (Rework)” will go toward Immigration Equality, which provides free legal services for LGBTQ+ and HIV positive people seeking asylum in the United States.

Hozier – “Movement”


Hozier has just released a powerful video for his radiating new track “Movement.” He has also finally announced the highly anticipated full length follow up to 2014’s Hozier. Following the release of the Nina Cried Power EP, “Movement” is all about dramatically building melodies and strong, stormy vocals. The track ebbs and flows with the accompanied dance we see in the video, as a sole dancer jumps and twirls through a warehouse when they encounter their alter-ego.

Only Yours – “Hamburg”

Only Yours have just released “Hamburg,” the latest single from their upcoming debut LP. Their upcoming album is a consistent and unparalleled collection of ten inter-connected works, and “Hamburg” explores the aftermath of heartbreak and doubting your ability to offer love after losing it.