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Best New Indie: 10 songs you need to discover this week

It’s time for Best New Indie!

We’ve gotten some amazing fresh cuts from huge acts like Courtney Barnett, Tanya Tagaq, Tori Amos, Helado Negro, and many more.

Check out this week’s Best New Indie below.

Courtney Barnett – “Write A List of Things to Look Forward To”

Courtney Barnett has shared a video for her poignant new single, “Write A List of Things to Look Forward To.” The new track serves as a sort of love letter to friends and friendship. It sees Barnett singing of deeper conversations. In fact, “Write A List of Things To Look Forward To” is named after a technique that one of Barnett’s friends encouraged her to use to get out of a depressive funk. The accompanying Christina Xing-directed video is wholesome and tender. It sees Barnett as a sender and recipient of gifts and letters.

Tanya Tagaq – “Tongues”

Experimental, improvisational artist Tanya Tagaq has announced her new album, Tongues, out March 11th, 2022. As part of the announcement, she’s shared a video for the album’s title track. Today, Tanya Tagaq has previewed the album with a captivating video for its title track. “Tongues” is an impactful single packed with indusrial sounds as Tagaq repeats lines like, “you can’t take that from us” and “you can’t have my tongue.” The clip was created by 3D animator Driftnote, and it revolves around an animated chin and tongue. The chin emerges from a retrofuturistic tundra.

Tori Amos – “Speaking With Trees”

Tori Amos is back with a new single, “Speaking With Trees.” The track comes from her forthcoming 16th studio album, Ocean to Ocean, out October 29th via Decca Records. “Speaking With Trees” is a slightly melancholic piano pop tune. Lyrically, the track is inspired by the pandemic. Amos sings lines like, “I’ve been hiding your ashes under the tree house/ Don’t be surprised I cannot let you go.” “Speaking With Trees” is about “the pain felt by artists in a period in which there was no hope in sight for live music.”

Helado Negro – “La Naranja”

Roberto Carlos Lange has shared a video for his new single as Helado Negro, “La Naranja.” The track is the third single from his forthcoming album, Far In, out October 22nd via 4AD. “La Naranja” comes packed with shimmering keys, jazzy drums, and silky vocals. The accompanying Andrew Anderson-directed video is full of colourful shots of Helado Negro making freshly squeezed orange juice.

IDLES – “The Beachland Ballroom”

Bristol punks IDLES are back with their fourth studio album, CRAWLER, out November 12th via Partisan. Alongside the announcement, they’ve shared a video for their new single, “The Beachland Ballroom.” The track is named after the iconic venue in Cleveland, Ohio. It channels a different sound for IDLES entirely. With a slower, almost twistedly jazzy instrumental, IDLES explore new sonic territory. Frontman Joe Talbot not only delivers his distinctive growl on the CRAWLER track, but he sings like you’ve never heard him. The accompanying video comes packed with extreme close ups of Talbot sweaty and crying.

The Weather Station – “Better Now”

Tamara Lindeman has shared a deluxe edition of her most recent album, Ignorance. The expanded version of the album boasts nine bonus tracks. Ignorance Deluxe Edition features live versions, four alternate “piano” takes, and two previously unreleased singles. One of those previously unreleased songs, “Better Now,” comes accompanied by a new music video. “Whenever you make anything, you have to leave things out; it’s a critical part of the process, but a painful one nonetheless,” The Weather Station explains. “I’m glad to have the opportunity to revisit the paths not taken, and allow some of them out after all”

Silla and Rise – “Anirniq”

Ottawa and Nunavut-based ensemble Silla and Rise have announced their third album, Silarjuaq, out October 29th via Balanced Records. As part of the announcement they’ve shared a video for their new single, “Anirniq.” Silarjuaq draws its name from the Inuktitut word for Universe and “Anirniq” is the Inuktitut word for breath. The accompanying video sees Silla and Rise moving to the rhythm of “Anirniq” beneath bright lights. Guest dancers Alea Decastro, Julie Benoit, and Vanessa Lovell join the band in the powerful performance.

Shad – “Black Averageness”

Toronto rapper Shad has shared a video for his new single “Black Averageness.” The track comes from his new album, TAO, which is out this Friday, October 1st via Secret City Records. “Black Averageness” revolves around an uplifting instrumental, as Shad celebrates “beautifully imperfect selves.” The accompanying clip follows Shad as he finds the beauty in mundane daily tasks.

Jayli Wolf – “Lead Me”

Indigenous and queer artist, actress, and activist Jayli Wolf is back with a video for her new single, “Lead Me.” The track was originally meant to be released on her debut EP, Wild Whisper. “Lead Me” is about overcoming inner demons, and it sees Jayli Wolf opening up about her battle with addiction. The new single is out on Orange Shirt Day, formerly known as National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in Canada. The track also comes accompanied by a stunning self-directed video.

Wallows – “I Don’t Want to Talk”

Wallows have made their return with a video for their new single, “I Don’t Want to Talk.” “I Don’t Want to Talk” marks the first new Wallows music since the release of their Remote EP in February. The new single is all about pushing someone away because of insecurities. The accompanying video has a vintage tinge to it. Throughout the clip, Wallows try to distract themselves by reading fortune cookies, boxing, and more.

Listen to our Best New Indie playlist below!

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