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Best New Indie: 10 songs you need to discover this week

It’s time for Best New Indie!

We’ve gotten some amazing fresh cuts from huge acts like Robyn, Smile, Tori Amos, Haviah Mighty, Damon Albarn, and more. We’ve also gotten some posthumous tracks from Prince and David Bowie.

Check out this week’s Best New Indie below.

Smile – “Call My Name (feat. Robyn)”

Swedish duo Smile have recruited Robyn for their new single, “Call My Name.” Smile is made up of Teddybears and Caesars’ Joakim Åhlund and Peter Bjorn and John’s Björn Yttling. Yttling called the track “quite a simple song about unconditional love, and the will to try and protect the one you love from a chaotic and threatening outside world.” On the upbeat, energetic single, Robyn takes on the road of lead vocals. The chorus of “Call My Name” sees Robyn delivering lines like, “This world might seem like a lonely place/ But anything you need, call my name.”

Prince – “Do Me, Baby (Demo)”

The Prince estate have shared a previously unreleased demo, “Do Me, Baby.” The 1979 demo was later reworked to appear on the 1981 album, Controversy. October 14th marked that record’s 40th anniversary. This new version of “Do Me, Baby” has been mixed by Chris James and Mastered by Bernie Grundman. Despite being reworked, the raw sound of the original is still engrained in the track. Today’s demo is around three minutes shorter than the final album version. It also boasts simpler instrumentation and pretty different vocals.

David Bowie – “Karma Man”

A previously unreleased David Bowie track, “Karma Man,” is here. Alongside the release, an alternate version of “Silly Boy Blue” is out now. Bowie’s rumoured 2001 album, Toy, is set to receive its first-ever commercial release on November 26th. It’ll be out as part of an archival box set, Brilliant Adventure (1992-2001). Bowie originally recorded “Karma Man” in September 1967. It later debuted on John Peel’s BBC Radio 1 show in 1968. The track wasn’t officially released until 1970 on The World Of David Bowie. Now, the track has gotten an official release alongside and alternate version of his 1967 track, “Silly Boy Blue.”

Tori Amos – “Spies”

Tori Amos has shared an orchestral new single called “Spies.” The lush song comes from her forthcoming album, Ocean To Ocean, out October 29th via Decca Records. The song opens up with eerie clicks and scratching noises. Amos beings, singing, “Knowing this may help you make, make it through the night on lullabies/ Knowing this may help you to open up your eyes/ Spies!” While the track is quite stunning, it’s got some quirky lyrical content. The song is actually inspired by Amos’ home in Cornwall, England where “bats and other creepy-crawlies terrorize” her daughter Tash.

Haviah Mighty – “Coulda Been U (feat. Astrokidjay)”

Haviah Mighty is back with “Coulda Been U,” a new collaboration with fellow Toronto rapper, Astrokidjay. The bass-heavy tune comes from Haviah Mighty’s forthcoming Stock Exchange mixtape, out on November 12th via Mighty Gang Inc. “Coulda Been U” came out of an Instagram correspondence between Mighty and Astrokidjay that led to a collaboration. Haviah Mighty, Denise De’ion, and Mighty Prynce produced the single. “Coulda Been U” comes accompanied by a visualizer from BlackPowerBarbie. “It’s inspired by the new and different types of encounters that I find myself having with people – whether fans, strangers, existing friends – and realizing that some of these peoples’ investments in me weren’t coming from the right place,” Haviah Mighty explains.

Damon Albarn – “The Tower of Montevideo”

Blur and Gorillaz’s Damon Albarn has shared a live performance video for his new single “The Tower Of Montevideo.” The track comes from his forthcoming album, The Nearer The Fountain, More Pure The Stream Flows, out November 12th via Transgressive. “The Tower Of Montevideo” follows the release of the album’s title track, “Polaris,” “Particles,” and “Royal Morning Blue.” The lush, orchestral song is inspired by a building in the capital of Uruguay, built in the ’20s.

Aurora – “Giving In To The Love”

Norwegian artist Aurora has announced her forthcoming album, The Gods We Can Touch, which is out on January 21st, 2022 via Decca. As part of the announcement, she’s shared a new single, “Giving In To The Love.” The new Aurora album is inspired by the Greek gods and the gods of the ancient world. Today’s preview, “Giving In To The Love,” is all about Prometheus. “I was thinking about Prometheus, and how he stole the fire to sculpt us – the humans,” Aurora explains. “I feel like we sometimes forget that we are living creatures, capable of so many beautiful things. And the human’s current obsession with beauty makes us forget and devalue the fire that rests within us. Our inner self, and most important part.”

Snail Mail – “Ben Franklin”

Lindsey Jordan has shared a video for her new single as Snail Mail, “Ben Franklin.” The new single comes from Snail Mail’s forthcoming album, Valentine, out November 5th via Matador. “Ben Franklin” is a lovelorn tune with a driven bassline and shimmering synths. In the song, Jordan sings of a lingering heartbreak that won’t come to an end. The accompanying Josh Coll-directed video sees Snail Mail donning a giant python around her neck around. Throughout the clip, Jordan plays Nintendo 64 with friends and dances along to the tune.

Faye Webster – “If You Need To, Keep Time On Me”

Faye Webster has shared a cover of Fleet Foxes’ Crack-Up single, “If You Need To, Keep Time On Me.” The cover comes from Webster’s new EP, Live At Electric Lady, for the titular series. Each release in the series features a cover of a song connected to Electric Lady, and Webster selected the Fleet Foxes tune for her release. “Recording at Electric Lady Studios was a rare experience, especially because I was able to bring musicians who have been with me since my early days in Athens and Atlanta,” Faye Webster explains. “It was special, and I’m still processing it.”

Isaac Symonds, Loryn Taggart – “Carved Into Stone”

Former Half Moon Run member Isaac Symonds and Loryn Taggart have shared a video for their cinematic new single, “Carved Into Stone.” The stunning new collaborative single channels the sounds of the 50s, while honing in on a modern twist. From Isaac Symonds’ meticulous instrumentation to Loryn Taggart’s warm, comforting vocals, this mesmerizing track is sure to move you. The video captures the recording process of the track. Throughout the clip, Symonds and Taggart capture the sounds of dreamy strings and discuss the direction of the song.
Listen to our Best New Indie playlist below!

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