Best New Indie: 10 songs you need to discover this week

Featuring the Modest Mouse, Florence + The Machine, The Black Keys, and more!

Wow, what a musical week.

Luckily for indie lovers, there have been tons of outstanding releases from indie heavyweights this week such as The Black Keys, FKA twigs, Better Oblivion Community Center, Florence + The Machine, Modest Mouse, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, and more.

Check out the best new indie tunes from this week below.

The Black Keys – “Eagle Birds”

The new tune boasts the duo’s distinctive stomp-rhythm as frontman Dan Aurbach croons catchy lyrics like, “Don’t nobody wanna be lonely/ Everybody oughta be loved sometime.” With gritty, punchy guitar lines, distorted vocals, and a killer guitar solo, this bouncy track is sure to be on repeat all summer long.

FKA twigs – “Cellophane”

FKA twigs wrote and produced her new single with Jeff Kleinman and Michael Uzowuru, and according to a press release, it’s “a glimpse of what to expect from her second album.” The smooth, moody new track revolves around a raw piano line and FKA twigs’ calculated, flexible vocals. The accompanying video for “Cellophane” is a gold-tinged clip that sees the artist pole dancing in the middle of an extravagant room.

Better Oblivion Community Center – “Little Trouble”

While out promoting their debut record, the duo were selling a 7-inch vinyl that featured the two tracks, and today they’ve dropped them on the internet as well. “Little Trouble” is much bouncier than most tracks off of the album, and comes with a lively, upbeat instrumental and happy-go-lucky harmonies.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – “The Bird Song”

The warped, groovy track revolves around plucky, layered instrumentals; silky, processed vocals; and the band’s distinctive quirky lyricism. “The Bird Song” primarily revolves a peculiar combination of comparisons, as frontman Stu Mackenzie sings lines like, “To a bird, what’s a plan?/ A shiny flying elephant/ To a tree, what’s a house?/ Is that even relevant?”

Lucy Dacus – “My Mother & I”

Gearing up for Mother’s Day on May 12th, Lucy Dacus has just released a new single titled “My Mother & I.” The new track is the latest instalment in Dacus’ 2019 holiday song series, following the release of “La Vie En Rose” for Valentine’s Day. “My Mother & I” sees Dacus’ throaty, silky vocals layered atop a beautifully simple finger picked acoustic guitar line. The track, although straightforward, is powerful in its simplicity, laying the focus in Dacus’ bluntly honest lyrics like, “My mother hates her body/ We share the same outline/ She swears that she loves mine.”

Greys – “Kill Appeal”

The gloomy track opens up with a pounding electronic drumbeat, slowly building into an eerily smooth, fuzzy tune packed with sparse, spacey guitar lines and gritty, processed vocals. The accompanying video follows a variety of people dancing in a club, drinking martinis, and creepily smiling at the camera.

Taylor Knox and July Talk – “Everybody Knows”

The new track is a dark, groovy tune with a catchy instrumental line, steady drum beat, and gritty, processed vocals. “Everybody Knows” definitely has a July Talk vibe, with the crooning vocals of Peter Dreimanis and Leah Faye’s falsetto harmonies accompanying Knox’s modulated melodies perfectly. The accompanying gloomy video sees Knox trying on a variety of personas in front of a set of microphones.

Nick Murphy – “Dangerous”

“Dangerous” is filled with ominous, expansive instrumentals and a glitchy synth beat as it builds into a catchy, driven bop. The contemplative new track comes packed with ambiguous lyrics that can be taken as both a love song and a self-reflective examination of how he’s evolved musically. “I know I’m honest with myself/ but does my self know any lies,” Murphy sings.

Modest Mouse – “I’m Still Here”

The lively, raucous tune is quintessential Modest Mouse, with a driving drumbeat, energetic guitar lines, and frontman Isaac Brock’s distinctive vocals. The brief minute-and-a-half long jangly garage punk anthem has more of a lo-fi feel to it than “Poison The Well,” with gritty instrumentals lying beneath straightforward lyrics like, “I love good jokes just like anybody/ But I don’t like being the butt/ Cause I’m right here/ I’m still here.”

Florence + The Machine – “Jenny of Oldstones”

The grand, orchestral track, titled “Jenny of Oldstones,” premiered during the credits of an episode of Game of Thrones, and Florence Welch’s throaty, powerhouse vocals fit the Celtic-style track perfectly. The folky, slowly-building ballad is reminiscent of traditional orally-transmitted music, and comes accompanied by a bare, yet robust piano line that drives the textured tune.