Best New Indie: 10 songs you need to discover this week

Fresh cuts from Sleater-Kinney, Brittany Howard, Joseph, and more!

New week, new tunes!

It’s been a big week with new tracks, with killer fresh cuts coming in hot from some of indie’s biggest artists like Sleater-Kinney, Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard, Joseph, Big Thief, Tegan and Sara, and more! There are also some unbelievable tunes from up-and-coming artists like Joe Keery, Ralph, and more.

Check out the best new indie tunes from this week below.

Sleater-Kinney – “Broken”

Sleater-Kinney have just dropped a live acoustic performance video of “Broken,” a track off of their new record The Center Won’t Hold. The duo uploaded a home video-style performance, which saw Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein playing the new tune in a stripped back rendition, with nothing but vocals and a piano. “It’s a song about trying to stay strong in the face of trespass and trauma,” Sleater-Kinney wrote of the YouTube video.

City And Colour – “Living In Lightning”

City and Colour, also known as Dallas Green, has announced his forthcoming sixth studio album A Pill For Loneliness, which is set for release on October 4th. As part of the announcement, he’s released the album’s opening track, “Living in Lightning.” The new tune is a powerful example of Green’s songwriting skills, as it comes packed with a driven drum line and dreamy electric guitar lines as Green’s silky vocals take the lead.

Brittany Howard – “He Loves Me”

Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard has just dropped a video for her new track “He Loves Me” off of her forthcoming debut solo record, Jaime. The soulful tune explores the idea of God’s unconditional love, even though Howard herself is not a churchgoer. “‘He Loves Me’ is a very important track on my record,” Howard explains in a statement. “It is a song I deeply want to share to help others realize loving and being loved by God doesn’t have to look the same for everyone.”

Joseph – “Good Luck, Kid”

Following the release of their comeback single “Fighter,” sister trio Joseph have released the title track from their forthcoming album, Good Luck, Kid. The urgent new single comes packed with a driven bass line, eerily intertwined guitar riffs, a killer drum beat, and vocals that hurl you forward into the track. The three sisters harmonize off of each other as they sing lines like, “They handed you the keys/ The driver’s seat is yours now/ There’s nothing left to lean on.”

Big Thief – “Not”

Following the release of U.F.O.F. a few months ago, Big Thief have announced their second album of 2019, Two Hands, which is set for release on October 11th via 4AD. As part of the announcement, the indie-folk outfit have released the album’s lead single, “Not.” The first preview for the album, “Not,” is a track the band frequently plays live, and truly highlights a raw, visceral style of songwriting. Lenker lets out harmonic howls atop a distorted, reverberating instrumental line.

Joe Keery – “Chateau (Feel Alright)”

Joe Keery of Stranger Things is back with another dreamy new track as Djo. Following the release of “Roddy,” Keery has dropped “Chateau (Feel Alright).” The new tune feels like a dreamy, psychedelic, slightly twisted lullaby. With a powerfully stalled, pounding drum line, a distorted yet dreamy guitar riff, and Keery’s silky vocal lines, you’ll want to listen to “Chateau (Feel Alright)” while relaxing on the beach.

Tegan and Sara – “I’ll Be Back Someday”

Tegan and Sara have just dropped “I’ll Be Back Someday” from their forthcoming album, Hey, I’m Just Like You, which drops on September 27th. “I’ll Be Back Someday” is a bubbly punk pop track with driven guitar lines and a steady drum beat, as the vocal lines take the forefront. Like the other tracks on the album, the new tune is a re-recorded version of a song that the twins wrote in high school together.

José Contreras – “At 45”

By Divine Right’s José Contreras is set to release his forthcoming record At The Slaughterhouse on September 13th via Headless Owl Records. As part of the announcement, he’s premiered a video for the album’s lead single, “At 45,” via Indie88. “At 45” is a slow-building tune that sees Contreras’ crooning vocals at the forefront, with sprinkles of acoustic guitar, an easy going percussion line, and intimate vocals, making for a beautiful track that finds power in its vulnerability.

Ralph – “No Muss No Fuss”

Toronto pop queen Ralph has released a video for the title track from her forthcoming EP, No Muss No Fuss. “No Muss No Fuss” is the perfect breakup anthem, as the Toronto artist sings about wanting a clean break, with catchy lines like, “I want no muss, no fuss, no us.” The artistic clip has a film vibe to it, as Ralph stars in powerfully coloured shots sitting in a field, dancing along to the track, and singing the upbeat dance banger.

The Russian Futurists – “Glowsticks”

Indie88’s very own on-air host Matt Hart has released new music today through his indie-pop project The Russian Futurists. Hart hasn’t released any music since 2010’s album The Weight’s On The Wheels, but today his a new EP/mixtape called Reality Burger With A Side Of Life has been released. The EP includes seven tracks and is 16 minutes long, featuring a collaboration with fellow Toronto producer Swim Good Now.