Best New Indie: 11 songs you need to discover this week

Featuring Anderson .Paak, Noname, Angel Olsen, and more!

It’s been a huge week for new music, indie lovers.

With powerful new political tracks from unbelievable acts like Anderson .Paak and Noname, and fresh cuts from indie giants like Angel Olsen and Phoebe Bridgers, your playlists are sure to be stacked this week.

Check out this week’s Best New Indie below.

Anderson .Paak – “Lockdown”

Anderson .Paak has shared a powerful video for his new Juneteenth single, “Lockdown.” Both the single and the video arrived today on June 19th, which marks Juneteenth, a holiday that commemorates the end of slavery in the United States. The track sees .Paak delivering moving lines about the current global protests against police brutality.

Noname – “Song 33”

Noname has shared a new single called “Song 33,” which sees her clapping back at J. Cole. In his new track “Snow On Tha Bluff,” J. Cole appears to reference Noname, saying she’s got a “Queen tone.” Noname then headed start to the studio to create her new single, “Song 33.” The unbelievable track dives right in, as Noname delivers lyrics like, “It’s trans women being murdered and this is all he can offer?”

Angel Olsen – “New Love Cassette”

Angel Olsen has teamed up with Mark Ronson for a remix of her All Mirrors track, “New Love Cassette.” “The entire process of making All Mirrors has been letting these songs become something bigger than what I can hear alone,” Olsen explains. “Though I know I’ll always be a songwriter at heart, and I’ll always keep a little bit for myself, I still love to experiment with material and to see what others hear when it comes to sonic backgrounds. A song can go in so many directions if you let it, I love hearing what Ronson hears in this remix of ‘New Love Cassette.’”

Phoebe Bridgers – “Punisher”

Calling all The Sads™, you’re in for a treat. Queen of melancholy Phoebe Bridgers has dropped her highly anticipated and perfectly devastating new album Punisher. The album’s title track is definitely a standout, but the entire album sees Bridgers’ witty songwriting growing even more sharpened than that of her debut record. The album comes packed with stunning lyric after stunning lyric, with lines like “If you’re a work of art, I’m standing too close/ I can see the brush strokes” and “I want to believe/ That if I go outside I’ll see a tractor beam/ Coming to take me to where I’m from/ I want to go home.”

The Dirty Nil – “Done With Drugs”

Hamilton, Ontario punk rockers The Dirty Nil have shared a new track called “Done With Drugs.” Inspired by frontman Luke Bentham’s entry into his 30s, and the changes that surround that, the track explores performative self-care. The power-pop anthem comes packed with punchy riffs and catchy hooks, as Bentham sings lines like, “At seventeen I had a dream I’d never die/ But now I’ve got responsibilities and that is why/ I’m done with drugs.”

IDLES – “Grounds”

Bristol punks IDLES have announced their forthcoming album Ultra Mono, which drops on September 25th. As part of the announcement, they’ve shared a new track called “Grounds.” “We wanted to write a song that embodied self-belief, and gave us self-belief – a counter-punch to all the doubt we build up from all the noise we so easily let in,” Talbot explains of “Grounds.” “We wanted to make the sound of our own hearts’ marching band, armed with a jack hammer and a smile. We wanted to make the sound of our engine starting. So we did. Thank you.”

Khruangbin – “Pelota”

Houston trio Khruangbin have shared a video for their new single “Pelota.” The psych-funk outfit’s new track strays from the dazed energy of the first two singles, moving more toward a rippling, funk-driven track. The accompanying Hugo Rodrigues Rodriguez-directed video is an abstract animation, following a human floating through space and over borders.

Hannah Georgas – “Dreams”

Hannah Georgas has announced a new album called All That Emotion, and as part of the announcement, she’s shared a new track called “Dreams.” The gentle new track sees Georgas singing of breaking down barriers when you push people away. Balancing The National’s Aaron Dessner’s productions style with Georgas’ silky, powerful vocals, this track is definitely a must listen.

Moscow Apartment – “New Girl”

Indie folk duo Moscow Apartment have shared a new track called “New Girl.” “Misogyny and catcalling served as the impetus behind ‘New Girl,’” Brighid Fry and Pascale Padilla explain of the track. “There was one week we were cat called probably 10 times; we felt fed up and wanted to write a song about men not respecting women’s boundaries, especially in public.”

GRAE – “Ex Lovers”

Toronto singer-songwriter GRAE shared a video for her new single “Ex Lovers” this week. “‘Ex Lovers’ was written during a time in my life where I was dating people just to get over a certain person,” GRAE explains of the track. “I convinced myself there was something real in these relationships when really, I knew there wasn’t. In one of the cases actually, it felt like that person was doing the same thing, trying to get over an ex by dating me, and we found ourselves in the same position, which is where the line ‘maybe we’re just using one another’ came from.”

Julietta – “Levitate”

Indie pop artist Julietta announced her Levitate EP this week, and as part of the announcement, she’s shared the title track. “‘Levitate’ means the world to me,” Julietta explains. “I wrote it with Jordan Topf and Sean Silverman when I moved to Los Angeles and began to shed the layers I had been carrying for my whole life. I left everything and everyone I knew behind in New York to start over. At times it was very lonely and other times exhilarating. ‘Levitate’ is a song about choosing your own story and choosing what to tell people vs what they think they know about you.”

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