Best New Indie: 11 songs you need to discover this week

Fresh cuts from Lana Del Rey, Death Cab For Cutie, The 1975, and more!

We’ve gotten so many killer fresh cuts from some of the biggest names in indie music this week, so you’re in for a pretty heavy lineup of best new indie tracks!

There were new tracks from indie giants like Lana Del Rey, The 1975, Death Cab For Cutie, The Glorious Sons, Screaming Females, Thom Yorke, Animal Collective, and more. You’re sure to be in for a packed week of new tunes with these unbelievable releases.

Check out the best new indie tunes from this week below.

Lana Del Rey – “Fuck It I Love You” and “The Greatest”

Gearing up for the release of her forthcoming album Norman Fucking Rockwell, which drops on August 30th, Lana Del Rey has dropped a double video for two new tracks, “Fuck It I Love You” and “The Greatest.” “Fuck It I Love You” is a silky, slow-burning track that sees Del Rey crooning lines like “Dream a little dream of me/ Turn this into something sweet/ Turn the radio on/ Dancing to a pop song/ Fuck it I love you.” “The Greatest,” on the other hand, is more of a power ballad, with a stripped back piano line and a groovy electric guitar riff as Del Rey wails, “And I’m wasted/ Don’t leave I just need a wake up call.”

The 1975 – “People”

NOTE: If you have photosensitive epilepsy, this music video features strobe lights.

The 1975 have dropped a flashy, colourful video for their rallying new Notes On A Conditional Form track, “People.” The new track is riddled with a sense of urgency and millennial anxiety as the band thrashes away on their heaviest tune yet. Packed with gritty guitar lines, a powerhouse drum beat, and grainy, wailing vocals, this song marks a major change in The 1975’s sound.

Death Cab For Cutie – “To The Ground”

Death Cab for Cutie are releasing a new EP, The Blue EP, on September 6th. They have previously released its first single “Kids in ’99” and just released another track titled “To the Ground.” To the Ground” is more of a fast-paced tune for Death Cab for Cutie, and it was recorded during the sessions for Thank You For Today, which was dropped last year.

The Glorious Sons – “The Ongoing Speculation Into The Death of Rock and Roll”

The Glorious Sons’ new track “The Ongoing Speculation Into The Death of Rock and Roll” was recently released. “Who needs Jesus, who needs Buddha?/ We got sex and we got drugs,” the band’s frontman Brett Emmons sings on the track. The song continues on to question the doom of rock and roll. “We all start in a bedroom. We all would do it for free,” the band told Billboard. “Mainly, I think we do it for the freedom. This song is kind of a love letter for people who were completely robbed of their freedom for doing something they loved.”

Screaming Females – “Let Me In”

New Jersey rockers Screaming Females have announced they’ll be releasing Singles Too, a new collection of early 7-inches, digital B-sides, covers, and more. As part of the announcement, they’ve released a previously unheard track titled “Let Me In.” The new track is a perfectly rowdy tune, packed with gritty, distorted guitars, a heavy bass line, as frtonwoman Marissa Paternoster’s eerie vocal lines take the lead.

Thom Yorke – “Daily Battles (feat. Flea)”

Thom Yorke has released a new song with Flea called “Daily Battles” for Edward Norton’s new film adaptation of the novel Motherless Brooklyn alongside an alternate version by Wynton Marsalis. Yorke’s version of “Daily Battles” is a jazzy piano ballad that features horns from Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea, and the track was also reimagined by Marsalis as move of a 1950s jazz tune, featuring Joe Farnsworth, Russel Hall, Isaiah J. Thompson, and Jerry Weldon.

Animal Collective – “Summer Blaze”

Animal Collective have just released a track called “Summer Blaze,” and it is an outstanding 25-minutes long. The song is the A-side to their New Psycho Actives Vol. 2 single, and it was released on SoundCloud. The song is instrumental and varies in tones, strating softly with a light guitar strumming. Then, it transitions into a space-age sound with voices in the background that sound alien-like. The song switches back and forth from a light, melancholic, cinematic sound to a low fidelity or lo-fi space-age sound, with vocals in the distance that echo throughout, with the lyrics referencing summer.

First Aid Kit – “Strange Beauty”

First Aid Kit have released a cover of Silver Jews’ “Random Rules” and a new track titled “Strange Beauty” as a tribute to David Berman, who passed away earlier this month. “I think a lot of people were as shocked as I was upon hearing the news of David Berman’s passing,” the band’s Klara Söderberg explained in a statement. “It didn’t seem real. It left me completely devastated. So I wrote the song ‘Strange Beauty’ to try to make sense of my feelings.”

Black Mountain – “Junior’s Eyes (Black Sabbath cover)”

Following the release of Destroyer, Vancouver psych-rockers Black Mountain have released a cover of Black Sabbath’s “Junior’s Eyes” for Amazon Music’s The Setlist. “Deep end period Ozzy slow burn,” band member Stephen McBean explains. “Some Butler / Ward funk, Iommi wah flutters and floating synths…randomly rediscovered on a cruise through some red sand tropics. Nearly ten years on and still pulling riffs from the sky…never say die! You’re never too old to switch on and upwards!”

Metz – “M.E.”

Canadian punk rock band METZ has released a cover of Gary Numan’s track ‘M.E.’. METZ’s rendition of Gary Numan’s ‘M.E.’ is one of three cover songs which were originally released on a bonus 7inch single, which also included the vinyl LP version of Automat. The other two covers are The Urinals’ “I’m a Bug” and Sparklehorse’s “Pig.” Although this song has multiple covers by other indie rock artists, METZ makes it their own with awesome instrumentals, melding their noise rock fury with his neo-industrial ambitions and visuals to go with it.