Best New Indie: 12 songs you need to discover this week

Fresh cuts from Coldplay, The 1975, Lizzo, and more!

It has been an EPIC week for new music!

With releases from indie giants like Coldplay, The 1975, Lizzo, Mumford & Sons, Taylor Hawkins, Frank Ocean, MØ, and Matt Mays, you’re really in for a treat. We’ve also gotten a killer new track called “First Prize Bravery” from Sorcha Richardson.

Check out the best new indie tunes from this week below.

Coldplay – “Orphans”

After teasing the record with newspaper ads and letters to fans, Coldplay have officially announced their forthcoming double album Everyday Life, which drops on November 22nd. As part of the album, they’ve dropped two new singles, “Orphans” and “Arabesque.” “Orphans” is an energetic, upbeat track that comes packed with anthemic melodies, booming guitar lines, and dynamic vocals as frontman Chris Martin sings lines like “She say/ I want to know when I can go/ Back and get drunk with my friends/ I want to know when I can go/ Back and be young again.”

The 1975 – “Frail State of Mind”

The 1975 have dropped another new track from Notes on a Conditional Form called “Frail State of Mind.” The new track strays from the angsty, rowdy instrumentation of “People” in favour of more of a A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships style synth-based tune. While the cyclical, warping instrumental lines are more upbeat, frontman Matty Healy’s lyrics are drenched in melancholy, with lines like, “Got time? Seems unlikely/ I’m sorry that I missed your call/ Our words, they ring/ Don’t waste their time/ I’ve always got a frail state of mind.”

Lizzo – “Good As Hell (feat. Ariana Grande)”

Lizzo has released a stacked new “Good As Hell” remix, which features none other than pop queen Ariana Grande. The track stays pretty true to the original version of “Good As Hell,” but this time, Ari pops in on the second verse with some silky vocal lines, delivering lyrics like “He better know my worth/ There’s so much that I deserve/ But I ain’t worried now.” As the song bursts into the chorus, Grande provides some ad-libbed vocals that accompany Lizzo’s catchy, powerhouse voice perfectly.

Mumford & Sons – “Blind Leading The Blind”

Mumford & Sons are back with a new single called “Blind Leading the Blind.” The track was “a catalytic song for much of our work on” their latest album Delta, according to Marcus Mumford. Although “Blind Leading the Blind” was created before that record, the band never got around to actually finishing it until now. The new tune is inspired by the works of John Steinbeck, and revolves a rambunctious instrumental lines, as Mumford’s distinctive vocals take the lead.

Andy Shauf – “Things I Do”

Andy Shauf has announced his forthcoming album The Neon Skyline, which is set for release on January 24th via Arts & Crafts. As part of the announcement, he’s released a new track called “Things I Do.” The new track “examines the dissolution of the narrator’s past relationship over tense and jazz-minded instrumentation,” according to a press release. “The Things I Do” revolves around a gritty, country-influenced instrumentation as Shauf’s quirky vocal melodies truly shine through.

MØ – “Bullet With Butterfly Wings (Smashing Pumpkins cover)”

MØ has released a cover of Smashing Pumpkins’ hit track, “Bullet With Butterfly Wings.” The Danish pop artist has teamed up with Major Lazer’s Walshy Fire to release a set of MØ mixes called Walshy Fire Presents: MMMMØ – The Mix, which drops on November 1st. Today, we’ve received an unreleased track, “On & On,” and the gritty, raucous cover. MØ’s rendition of “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” sees the artist adding her own raspy twist to the renowned, paranoid lyrics, wailing “Still just a rat in a cage.”

Frank Ocean – “DHL”

Hours after announcing two new singles, which will be dropped soon, Frank Ocean has released a third song titled “DHL.” The new tune marks Ocean’s first new original music since 2017. The track revolves around a driven beat, ambient instrumentals, and Ocean’s gritty, processed vocal lines as he sings lines like, “I got a pack from DHL/ Just got up on a pill.”

Matt Mays – “Let There Be Love”

Matt Mays has made his return with a new track called “Let There Be Love.” “I feel like a lot of people around me have been feeling a little lost and scared lately,” Mays explains in a statement. “I’ve been feeling the same way. It breaks my heart to see such true people sad. This new song ‘Let There Be Love’ is about finding the courage to love yourself blindly and learning to accept this self-love trustingly. It’s a dream of letting the bad things be and just basking in the beauty of this little weird thing we call life.”

Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders – “Get The Money (feat. Joe Walsh, Chrissie Hynde, Duff McKagan)”

Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders have released the title track from their forthcoming album Get The Money. “Get The Money” features Joe Walsh, Chrissie Hynde, and Duff McKagan. The new track has a ’70s stoner-rock vibe, with gritty, warping vocals and an eerie guitar line before the track explodes into a frantic, dynamic banger that lets Walsh’s guitar lines take the lead.

Frances Quinlan – “Rare Thing”

Hop Along’s Frances Quinlan has announced the release of her debut solo album, Likewise, which drops on January 31st, 2020 via Saddle Creek. As part of the announcement, she’s released the record’s lead single, “Rare Thing.” “Rare Thing” is a gritty, yet bubbly track filled with synthy, ambient instrumental lines, a driven beat, and Quinlan’s silky, yet wailing vocals. Quinlan’s lyricism takes the lead on this track as she sings vulnerable lines like, “I know there is love that/ Doesn’t have to do/ With taking something from somebody.”

Destroyer – “Crimson Tide”

Dan Bejar has announced that he’ll be releasing a new album as Destroyer called Have We Met, which drops on January 31st. As part of the announcement, he’s shared a video for a new track called “Crimson Tide.” The new track is slightly unnerving, as Bejar’s gritty, monotone vocals take the lead, singing eerie lines like, “I was like the laziest river/ A vulture predisposed to eating off flaws/ No wait, I take that back/ I was more like an ocean/ stuck inside hospital corridors.”

Sorcha Richardson – “First Prize Bravery”

Sorcha Richardson has released a new track called “First Prize Bravery,” which revolves around a driven, gritty guitar line, sporadic keys, and silky vocal lines. “The track depicts the raw beauty found in life’s quiet, mundane moments,” a press release explains. “The kind of moments that waiver between hope and disappointment and the courage it takes to face your own demons head on.”