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Best New Indie: 12 songs you need to discover this week

It’s time for Best New Indie!

We’ve gotten some amazing fresh cuts from huge acts like ack White, Animal Collective, U.S. Girls, Parquet Courts, and more.

Check out this week’s Best New Indie below.

Jack White – “Taking Me Back”

Jack White is back with “Taking Me Back,” his first new solo single in more than three years. “Taking Me Back” marks his first solo music since 2018’s Boarding House Reach. The new rock anthem appears in the Call of Duty: Vanguard video game. Jack White plays every single instrument on the track. He self-produced and recorded the tune at his very own Third Man Studios.

Animal Collective – “Prester John”

Animal Collective are back to announce their new album, Time Skiffs, out February 4th via Domino. As part of the announcement, they’ve shared a video for their new single, “Prester John.” Time Skiffs marks the follow-up to 2016’s Painting With. It’s set to feature nine new tunes from Avey Tare, Deakin, Geologist, and Panda Bear, mixed by Marta Salogni. Toady’s preview, “Prester John,” actually weaves together two songs. One of the tracks is from Avey Tare and the other is from Panda Bear. Alongside the track, Animal Collective have shared a video, directed by Jason Lester.

U.S. Girls x Glenn Gould – “Good Kinda High”

Meg Remy’s project U.S. Girls have shared a video for their new collaboration with classical pianist Glenn Gould (1932-1982), “Good Kinda High.” The track comes almost forty years after Gould’s death. The unlikely collaboration comes from producer Billy Wild’s project, Uninvited Guests. The album uses samples of Gould performances to make new music in collaboration with genre-spanning contemporary artists. For the U.S. Girls tune, “Good Kinda High,” Remy wrote over a beat that Gould produced alongside Gabriel Pick.

Parquet Courts – “Homo Sapien”

Parquet Courts have released their new album, Sympathy For Life, today (October 22nd). Earlier this week, they shared its final single, “Homo Sapien.” The scorching new single is a guitar-heavy anthem. A Savage’s vocals take the lead on this tune, delivering lines like, “The erotic quality of not feeling meaningless/ Reflecting a loving gaze.” Alongside the track, Parquet Courts have released a Marisa Gesualdi-directed video. In the clip, they perform along to the tune in front of red curtains.


HEALTH have collaborated with Poppy on their new single, “DEAD FLOWERS.” The new tune follows their previously released Nine Inch Nails collaboration, “ISN’T EVERYONE.” This industrial new tune is a stunning collaboration that sees Poppy adding an ethereal tinge to the track. With gritty instrumentals and soft, silky vocals, “DEAD FLOWERS” strikes a perfect balance.

Deerhoof – “Be Unbarred, O Ye Gates of Hell”

Deerhoof have shared a quirky video for their new single, “Be Unbarred, O Ye Gates of Hell.” “Be Unbarred, O Y Gates of Hell” comes from Deerhoof’s new album, Actually, You Can, out this today (October 22nd). The video, which was directed by Geoff Hoskinson, is definitely a must-watch. The new clip revolves around a tribe that worships giant sentient animated tomatoes and giant animated tomato-powered robots. According to a release, the clip “depicts a world where superfluous corporate overlords are unseated.”

The Darcys – “Running For The Hills”

The Darcys have returned with a new single, “Running For The Hills.” The new tune has an alt-rock sound with pop sensibilities. It definitely serves as a glimpse at a new era for the Toronto duo. With stunning guitar riffs and an explosive chorus, The Darcys sing about looking forward not back. “Running For The Hills” was inspired by The Darcys’ recent move to LA.

Real Estate – “Days”

Real Estate have shared a new cover of Television’s 1978 track, “Days.” The cover is in celebration of the 10th anniversary of their breakout album of the same name. In fact, the Television track inspired the hit Real Estate album. Their cover stays true to the original, channeling the melodic indie rock sounds of the Television version. This rendition of “Days” would fit on the album perfectly.

Ghostkeeper – “Grassy Plains”

Shane Ghostkeeper and Sarah Houle have shared a video for their new single as Ghostkeeper, “Grassy Plains.” The band “pay witness to the Indigenous experience by channeling it through psychedelic rock,” a press release explains. This spellbinding new tune is captivating and gritty. With layered guitar riffs and driven percussion, this track is sure to stick with you. On “Grassy Plains,” Houle sings of the ancient practices of gathering herbs and lighting sage. Ultimately, the track is about longing for a loved one to return home.

Ellevator – “Charlie IO”

Hamilton, Ontario’s Ellevator are back with a video for their new single, “Charlie IO.” The track comes from their forthcoming debut album, out in early 2022 via Arts & Crafts. “Charlie IO” channels a similar post-rock sound to their recent single, “Easy.” This tune, however, is all about confronting a friend that’s seeking self-discovery through psychedelics and pseudo-religious escapes. The accompanying Cam Veitch-directed video for the tune is inspired by Vanessa Carlton’s “1000 Miles.”

Cherry Blaster – “New Age”

Toronto’s Cherry Blaster have shared a video for their new single, “New Age.” The intimate bedroom pop tune is all about self-acceptance. “New Age” comes packed with dreamy vocals and lush instrumentals. The accompanying soft-sci-fi video comes packed with shots of frontwoman Iulia Ciobanu in a mesmerizing pink setting. “One morning in my late twenties, I woke up from a dream in which my silver hairs were turning pink,” Ciobanu explains. “I was struck by this imagery and how it reflected the creeping feeling that my ‘time was up’ as an aspiring musician as I approached my thirties.”

dwi – “Good Friend”

The Zolas bassist Dwight Abell has shared a video for his new single as dwi, “Good Friend.” The gritty new tune revolves around an energetic guitar line, uplifting instrumentals, and anthemic vocals. Lyrically, dwi delivers lines like, “If I was a good friend, I’d have done better.” It’s a shimmering roots rock tune that you’ll find yourself revisiting again and again.
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