Best New Indie: 13 songs you need to discover this week

Featuring Aurora, Vampire Weekend, The Lumineers, PUP, and more!

What a wild week for new tunes.

Lucky for indie lovers, this week we’ve been blessed with some hits from outstanding seasoned artists like Aurora, PUP, The Lumineers, Vampire Weekend, Anderson .Paak, Broken Social Scene, Mac DeMarco, and more. There’s no way you’re going to run out of new music to listen to with these killer hits.

Check out the best new indie tunes from this week below.

Aurora – “The Seed

Following the release of Infections of a Different Kind (Step I) in September, Norwegian pop artist Aurora has just announced that she’ll be releasing her third record A Different Kind of Human on June 7th, 2019. The new tune released today is energetic, full, and orchestral as it pounds through to your chest with its thumping drum beat, grand instrumentals, and hymn-like vocals. “My new single ‘The Seed’ is quite angry and native in the old, ancient human emotional kind of way,” Aurora explains to NME. “It’s about the environment. It feels refreshing to get that out.”

PUP – “Full Blown Meltdown”

Toronto punk foursome PUP have just dropped their explosive new record, Morbid Stuff, which is packed with a dynamic balance of anthemic rock tracks and heavy, raucous bangers. PUP has the ability to write such heavily energetic, powerful tracks that will leave you in a spew of tense emotions as frontman Stefan Babcock wails about elaborate lyrical themes, from the complexity of youth and to the death of a past lover. “Full Blown Meltdown” is definitely a highlight, with killer riffs and gritty screams.

The Lumineers – “Gloria”

The Lumineers have just announced their forthcoming album, III, which is set for release on September 13th via Dualtone. As part of the announcement, the indie folk band has dropped “Gloria,” the first single off of the record. The track “is about love between an addict and her family,” frontman Wesley Schultz explains, according to Rolling Stone. “Gloria” is quintessential Lumineers, with an energetic and full instrumental line, quirky vocals, and vulnerable lyrics.

Anderson .Paak – “Make It Better (feat. Smokey Robinson)”

Anderson .Paak has just dropped an intimate video for his smooth new track “Make It Better (Feat. Smokey Robinson).” The silky tune serves as a plea to make a relationship work, exploring the highs and lows of a relationship. The accompanying Andy Hines-directed video sees .Paak trying to work through the difficulties and intricacies of a relationship from beginning to hopeful end, as he sings straightforward, vulnerable lyrics like, “Do you want to make it better?/ Do you want to stay together?/ If you do, then let’s please/ make some new memories.”

Vampire Weekend – “This Life” and “Unbearably White”

Vampire Weekend have been releasing pairs of singles while gearing up for their Father Of The Bride release, and today we’ve gotten “This Life” and “Unbearably White.” “This Life” is an energetic, bouncy, and upbeat track packed with catchy guitar licks, jangly rock instrumentals, and hooky lyrics like, “I’ve been cheating on me/ I’ve been cheating on you.”

“Unbearably White,” on the other hand, has a more somber feel to it, while maintaining that 90s pop-rock vibe as Ezra Koenig’s twinkling vocals take the forefront.

Broken Social Scene – “Big Couches”

After releasing “Can’t Find My Heart,” Broken Social Scene have shared “Big Couches,” the second track from their forthcoming EP, Let’s Try the After – Vol. 2. The track, which was released as the 33rd installment of the Adult Swim Singles program, is a slightly electronic, and twistedly upbeat banger filled with energetic acoustic guitar lines, softly Auto-Tuned vocals, and a catchy beat. “Big Couches” is lively and dynamic with sparkling instrumental lines and empowering, breezy lyrics.

Mac DeMarco – “All of Our Yesterdays

Following the release of “Nobody,” Mac DeMarco has just dropped “All of Our Yesterdays,” another new track from his forthcoming record Here Comes the Cowboy. The smooth, groovy track will get you swaying along, with a slick guitar lick and DeMarco’s sweet, soft vocal lines. “I had just seen a documentary about Oasis before writing this song, and I was trying to write a gigantic rock and roll hit with my renewed love for the band,” DeMarco explains in a statement. “I didn’t really get close to that at all, but I’m happy with the song that came out.”

Noname – “Song 32”

Chicago MC Noname has just dropped her second new track of 2019 with the smooth new single “Song 32.” The track has a pretty sweet bass groove to it, which lies on top of a slick, clicky drum beat as Noname’s quick-spirited, witty lines take the lead. Noname takes a political stance on this new track as she raps about what it means to be American, singing lines like, “Riddle me happy, I’m lonely, hysteria/ A lone gunman outside the parking lot, Missus America.”

Big Thief – “Cattails”

Gearing up for the release of their forthcoming album U.F.O.F., Big Thief have dropped a folky new single called “Cattails.” “Cattails” starts as a simple track, revolving around finger-picking guitar lines and a steady drum beat, slowly building into an airy, twinkling piano-based tune. “‘Cattails’ came about while we were at the studio in Washington in the pine forest,” band member Adrianne Lenker explains in a statement. “Writing it was just one of those electric multicoloured waves of connectivity just sweeping through my body.”

Pile – “The Soft Hands of Stephen Miller”

Boston-based indie rockers Pile are set to return with a new album, Green and Gray, next month, and they’ve offered up a taste of what’s to come with a second single from the forthcoming release. “The Soft Hands of Stephen Miller” is a punishing explosion of noise, aimed at the smarmy Trump aide.

The Get Up Kids – “The Problem Is Me”

Indie emo rockers The Get Up Kids have just released a gritty performance video for their new single “The Problem is Me.” “The Problem is Me” looks at how personal issues can block you from making self improvement. “The song is about a friend’s second divorce and about taking responsibility in a relationship,” band member Matt Pryor explains in a statement. “For me, the song is about self care. Acknowledging personal faults and trying to work on them.”

Operators – “Faithless”

Operators have just announced a new record called Radiant Dawn through a trailer for the album. As part of the announcement, they’ve shared a visualizer for “Faithless,” the first single off of the LP. “Faithless” is a groovy, bouncy tune with gritty synth-based instrumentals, a catchy, snappy beat, and 80s-style vocals from frontman Dan Boeckner.