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Best New Indie: 17 songs you need to discover this week

2020 has been huge for new tunes already.

This week, we’ve gotten some fresh cuts from unbelievable indie giants like Alexisonfire, Green Day, The 1975, Born Ruffians, U.S. Girls, The Tragically Hip’s Gord Sinclair, Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan, Holy Fuck, and more! There were also some new tracks from up-and-coming acts like Soccer Mommy, The Aubreys, and Victoria Bigelow.

Check out the best new indie tracks from this week below.

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Alexisonfire – “Season of the Flood”

Alexisonfire have shared a new single called “Season of the Flood.” The new track is a brooding, slow-building, seven-minute tune with powerful harmonies between band members Dallas Green and George Pettit. “I’m very proud of this new song,” Pettit explains in a statement. “There were some first time attempts for us and we all really came together in the studio to make this song what it is. This was also my first time singing with Dallas on a song. I know I’ve been playing in a band with Dal for almost 20 years, but damn, that guy’s voice could melt an angel.”


Green Day – “Oh Yeah!”

While gearing up for the release of their forthcoming LP Father Of All…, Green Day has released a new song called “Oh Yeah!” The new tune revolves around a gritty, groove-driven guitar line and an upbeat chorus as frontman Billie Joe Armstrong sings lines like, “Everybody is a star/ Got my money and I’m feeling kinda low/ Everybody got a scar/ Ain’t it funny how we’re running out of hope?” Opening with what appears to be a tutorial on how to play the new track, the video follows a variety of different people using social media and other technology as Green Day perform along to “Oh Yeah!”

U.S. Girls – “Overtime”

U.S. Girls have announced their seventh studio album Heavy Light, which is set for release on March 6th. As part of the announcement, U.S. Girls have released a track called “Overtime.” The energetic new track revolves around a frantic guitar line, a clanging tambourine, and frenzied background vocals as frontwoman Meg Remy’s quirky lyricism takes the lead. The accompanying video sees a woman flinging herself on top of a metal table in what appears to be a workshop as the clip gets more and more trippy, with lagging movements.

The 1975 – “Me & You Together Song”

After pushing back the release date of Notes On A Conditional Form, The 1975 have shared a new track called “Me & You Together.” They premiered the album’s third single on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show, where they explained that the song is a new version of a track that pre-dates 1975, back when the band was called Drive Like I Do. “Me & You Together Song” sees the band taking on more of a jangly dream pop vibe, as the song revolves around shimmering, upbeat instrumentals and lyrics like, “I’ve been in love with her for ages and I can’t seem to get it right/ I’ve been in love with her in stages, my whole life.”

Born Ruffians – “I Fall In Love Every Night”

This week, Born Ruffians announced their forthcoming album Juice and shared a video for their new track “I Fall In Love Every Night.” “It’s easy for me (and I think for a lot of people) to take things for granted,” frontman Luke LaLonde explains of the new track. “There’s a constant narrative I’ve noticed being pushed that the world is a big, mean, scary place. We’re constantly being drilled by bad news, perpetual fear. You can forget how beautiful the world is and you can forget to even notice the person right next to you… There is an overwhelming amount of love in the world, you just have to focus on it every once in a while.”

Gord Sinclair – “It’s Already Too Late”

The Tragically Hip bassist Gord Sinclair has announced his forthcoming debut solo album Taxi Dancers. As part of the announcement, Sinclair released “It’s Already Too Late.” According to a press release, Sinclair made the record when he was processing the loss of his good friend and bandmate Gord Downie, who died in 2017 at 53. “I never aspired to be a solo artist,” Sinclair explains. “After Gord died, it was like, ‘Wow I don’t know if I am ever going to do this again.’ But I really missed making music.”

Holy Fuck – “Deleters (feat. Liars’ Angus Andrew)”

While gearing up for tomorrow’s release of Deleter, Holy Fuck have shared a new track from the record called “Deleters (feat. Liars’ Angus Andrew).” “The song ‘Deleters’ started at a party in the woods of rural Quebec,” Holy Fuck explain in a press release. “Set up on the forest floor, literally over moss covered tree roots we decided to make up a new hour-long improvised set in front of a crowd of people dancing amongst the trees. From that session two songs emerged and found their way onto the new record.”

Humanist – “Shock Collar (feat. Dave Gahan)”

Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan is part of a new collective called Humanist, and today they’ve shared a video for their new track, “Shock Collar.” Humanist is a project by Exit Calm’s Rob Marshall, and it features a variety of guests like Mark Lanegan, Ride’s Mark Gardner, Unkle’s Joel Cadbury, Ron Sexsmith, and more. “It was a pleasure to be asked to be a part of Rob’s Humanist project,” Gahan explains in a statement. “Mark Lanegan asked me, and I liked the idea immediately. It’s a beast!”

Soccer Mommy – “Circle the Drain”

Soccer Mommy shared video for her new track “circle the drain” this week. The lead single feels like a classic early 2000’s ballad, with melodies that feel remniscent of artists like Avril Lavigne, while the processed vocal lines add a more modern twist. Allison’s lyricism takes the lead on this track, as she sings lines like, “Round and around/ Circle the drain/ I’m going down.” “To me, it sounds like the music of my childhood distressed and, in some instances, decaying,” Soccer Mommy explains in a statement.

The Aubreys (ft. Finn Wolfhard) – “Getting Better (otherwise)”

Finn Wolfhard has released “Getting Better (otherwise)” with his new band the Aubreys, and it’s featured on the soundtrack of an upcoming horror movie called The Turning. The raucous, jagged track is elevated by its grunge-inspired electric guitar and Wolfhard’s passionate and gritty vocals. The music video features scenes from the movie and within a living-room-turned-studio, where Wolfhard sings and other members of The Aubreys jam out.

Bombay Bicycle Club – “Is It Real”

English indie rock band Bombay Bicycle Club have released “Is It Real” as their final single off of Everything Else Has Gone Wrong. The upbeat song fuses layered harmonizing vocals, sweet electric guitar, and steady drums, taking listeners on a nostalgic journey. Lyrics like “Is it real? I wanna go back/Times have all changed and I don’t want that/’Cause I feel our lives roll past/Look the wrong way when I’m moving too fast” acknowledge the ways in which life often feels too short and the bittersweet sentiments that come with self-reflection.

Thundercat – “Black Qualls (feat. Steve Lacy & Steve Arrington)”

Thundercat has announced a new album called It Is What It Is, which arrives on April 3rd via Brainfeeder. As part of the announcement, he’s released a new track called “Black Qualls (feat. Steve Lacy & Steve Arrington).” The groove-heavy lead single “Black Qualls” revolves around a clanging guitar line, a driven drum beat, and a silky bass line as layers and layers of dreamy falsettos take the forefront.

Khruangbin & Leon Bridges – “C-Side”

While gearing up for their collaborative EP Texas Sun, which drops on February 7th, Texas artists Khruangbin and Leon Bridges have released a new track called “C-Side.” The bass-heavy new track has a slick groove, with a clacking beat and silky smooth vocal lines. Bridges takes the lead on the vocals, delivering lines like, “Somebody’s gonna fall in love tonight/ Let’s lose ourselves in this second line tonight.”

Andy Shauf – “Living Room”

While gearing up for the release of The Neon Skyline, Andy Shauf has dropped a new single called “Living Room.” The folky new track revolves around rapid guitar strumming, soft keys, and slow croons from Shauf. The gloomy, gritty bass line truly adds to the jazzy horns, as Shauf sings of a character named Claire, who repeats the things her father did with her own son, singing lines like, “I mean, how hard is it to give a shit?”

Dan Deacon – “Become A Mountain”

While gearing up for the release of Mystic Familiar, Dan Deacon has shared a new track called “Become A Mountain.” “The lyrics in ‘Become A Mountain’ lay out the framework for the album’s overall concept: a Narrator and their Mystic Familiar,” Deacon explains in a statement. “Our Narrator, in the opening verse and choruses, is trying to learn how to be self-compassionate, to live a life in the present while being able to deal with self-doubt and anxiety in a lifetime of great flux and foundational transformations.”

Real Estate – “Paper Cup”

Real Estate have announced their upcoming album The Main Thing with the release of a music video for their new single “Paper Cup.” The ’80s-inspired video follows an animatronic squirrel named Chipper and the progression of his career performing at Chipper’s, a Chuck E. Cheese-esque children’s arcade centre. Lyrics like “Was I ever that young, or was I always old?” play on Chipper’s nostalgia as he reminisces on the better days of his career. “It’s a song about questioning your chosen path in life and searching for meaning in what you do,” says frontman Martin Courtney in a statement.

Victoria Bigelow – “To Everyone I’ve Loved Before”

Nashville singer-songwriter Victoria Bigelow dropped her dreamy, retro new tune “To Everyone I’ve Loved Before” this week.” “This song is paying homage (while simultaneously apologizing) to my past self and former lovers,” Bigelow explains in a statement. “It’s impossible to be sure of your love for another person when you’re unsure of the love you have for yourself. Writing it for me was an acknowledgment of the pain I’ve caused others by being reckless with their hearts and vulnerability, and the pain I’ve caused myself by being reckless with my own.”

Listen to our Best New Indie playlist below!

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