Best New Indie: 6 songs you need to discover this week

Fresh cuts from Operators, Sonic Youth, Alexisonfire, and more!

Although this week hasn’t been huge in numbers, it’s been unbelievable in quality.

The fresh cuts from this week will have you playing them on repeat, with rad tracks from killer artists like Operators, Sigrid, Sonic Youth, Eamon McGrath, Leah Fay, and more! From live renditions to covers of hit tracks, there are some unbelievable new tunes to choose from!

Check out the best new indie tunes from this week below.

Operators – “Days”

After dropping singles “I Feel Emotion” and “Faithless,” synth-pop trio Operators have dropped their cinematic, immersive new album Radiant Dawn. The record comes packed with nine tracks that combine a synthy interstellar instrumental with frontman Dan Boeckner’s crooning, emphatic vocal lines, making for a 70s dystopian-style album. Radiant Dawn is a perfect balance between ambient, retro bangers and bop-worthy futuristic anthems as Boeckner sings lyrics like, “I feel so disconnected/ Tossed upon the stormy seas again/ I spend days and nights in nowhere places/ but everywhere is a nowhere place it seems.”

Alexisonfire – “Complicit”

Alexisonfire have unleashed another raucous new track, “Complicit,” which explores themes of white privilege, racism, and misogyny. The new track is quintessential Alexisonfire, with distorted, driving guitar lines, a heavy drum beat, and a delicate balance between George Pettit’s grainy screams and Dallas Green’s melancholic wails. The harmonies in this track really carry it forward, as Pettit and Green’s vocal lines compliment each other perfectly. “‘Complicit’ is about recognizing the unfair advantages that we are afforded as white, heterosexual males,” Pettit explains in a statement.

Sonic Youth – “Bull In The Heather (Live)”

Iconic rock band Sonic Youth has announced a semi-new live album Battery Park, NYC: July 4, 2008. The show in which the LP was recorded saw Sonic Youth pick songs from over their lengthy 30-year career. The album was initially released as a bonus item on Sonic Youth’s album The Eternal. Now, on June 7th, the career-spanning album will finally be released on streaming services or as a standalone record that can be purchased from the band’s website.

Sigrid – “Bellyache (Billie Eilish cover)”

Norwegian singer Sigrid, who released her debut album “Sucker Punch” in March, performed two tracks for the Swedish radio station, Sveriges Radio. The young pop star performed “Don’t Feel Like Crying” alongside her own rendition of Billie Eilish ” Bellyache” for the P3 session. In the clip, Sigrid performs with a backup vocalist and an intimate riff on an acoustic guitar, making the performance stripped back and raw.

Eamon McGrath ft. Leah Fay – “In Like A Lion”

Eamon McGrath has released a new song with July Talk’s Leah Fay. “In Like A Lion” will appear on McGrath’s forthcoming album Guts, which is set to be released this fall. McGrath is also setting out on an all Canadian tour. The tour kicked off in Toronto on May 23rd and has shows all across Canada up until August 24th.

The Mooks – “Let It All Fall Down”

The Mooks have just dropped a video for their emphatic and sunny new track, “Let It All Fall Down.” “‘Let It All Fall Down’ is a sunny, uptempo song that captures the feeling of newly discovered love and the desire for reciprocation. It’s a reminder not to sweat the small stuff of everyday life and to find happiness from love,” the band tells Indie88. “This track is inspired by the feeling of a coalescing love and waiting for confirmation. Letting any reservations or doubts go and simply submitting oneself.”