Best New Indie: 7 songs you need to discover this week

Featuring Caroline Polachek, Ringo Starr, The Voidz, and more!

The holidays are fast approaching, but artists aren’t slowing down with the release of new music.

This week, we’ve gotten some amazing fresh cuts from Caroline Polachek, Ringo Starr, The Voidz, Hayley Williams, Nathaniel Rateliff, and more.

Check out this week’s Best New Indie below.

Caroline Polachek – “Breathless (The Corrs cover)”

Caroline Polachek has covered The Corrs’ 2000 hit track, “Breathless.” Polachek’s cover is a truly stunning reworking of the original track, as she adds a modern twist with colourful synth lines. Not only does Polachek deliver the famous lyrics with ease, but she even uses her voice as a background instrument throughout the cover.

Ringo Starr – “Here’s To The Nights”

Ringo Starr has announced his new five-track Zoom In EP, and as part of the announcement, he’s shared the collection’s opener, “Here’s to the Nights.” The new tune features stars like Paul McCartney, Jenny Lewis, Dave Grohl, Sheryl Crow, Black Pumas’ Eric Burton, FINNEAS, Lenny Kravitz, Yola, Corinne Bailey Rae, and more.

The Voidz – “Alien Crime Lord”

Julian Casablancas’ the Voidz have shared a new track called “Alien Crime Lord.” “We wanted to make a song that sounded like Jean Claude Van Damme standing up on a speeding motorcycle while firing perfect bullets through the windshield of an oncoming nemesis,” the Voidz explain, “then finishing the job with a controlled flip over the top of a vehicle that ends in a maelstrom of denim and flames.”

Hayley Williams – “Find Me Here”

Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams has shared a new acoustic track called “Find Me Here” as part of her new three-track Petals For Armor: Self-Serenades EP, which dropped today. The new track really strays from her recent album Petals For Armor, stripping back to the acoustic instrumentation found throughout the new EP.

Nathaniel Rateliff – “Redemption”

Nathaniel Rateliff has shared a cathartic new single called “Redemption,” which is set to feature on the soundtrack for the forthcoming Justin Timberlake-starring film Palmer. Fisher Stevens’ forthcoming flick is set to follow a former high school football star Eddie Palmer (Timberlake), who becomes a convicted felon. The movie sees Palmer returning to his hometown in Louisiana to rebuild his life after doing time.

Moses Sumney, Little Dragon – “The Other Lover””

Moses Sumney and Little Dragon have collaborated on a new track called “The Other Lover.” “When we reached out to Moses we didn’t know what to expect,” Little Dragon explain. “What we received was very stripped down, with his beautiful voice. We jammed along and send it back. It bounced back from his end with added horns and sounded beautiful ears. We are very proud of this.”

Lowell – “God Is A Fascist”

Following her return with the release of “Lemonade,” Lowell has shared a visualizer for her new single “God Is A Fascist.” The new pop ballad comes packed with moody instrumentals that allow Lowell’s poetic lyricism to shine, as she delivers lines like, “God is a fascist/ And he holds all the cards/ He brought us together/ Just to keep us apart.”

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