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Best New Indie: 7 songs you need to discover this week

It’s time for Best New Indie!

We’ve gotten some amazing fresh cuts from huge acts like Kaytranada, Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, MØ, and more.

Check out this week’s Best New Indie below.

Kaytranada, Normani – “Wild Side (Remix)”

Kaytranada has shared a new remix of Normani’s Cardi B collaboration, “Wild Side.” The new remix follows Kaytranada’s three-song EP, Intimidated, which came out on Friday (November 19th). The new version is a bit more upbeat than the sultry original, but this one’s got a bit of a darker twist. With Kaytra’s quintessential pulsing melodies, this version of “Wild Side” is sure to get you dancing.

Nick Cave, Warren Ellis – “We Are Not Alone”

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis have shared a new song called “We Are Not Alone” from their forthcoming soundtrack for La Panthère Des Neiges. The song comes from their soundtrack for the French nature documentary, which will be released next month. “We Are Not Alone” isn’t just an instrumental film score, it’s an actual song. The track feels almost like a lullaby, as Nick Cave sings about the beauty of nature.

Jonny Greenwood – “Licorice Pizza”

Paul Thomas Anderson has released the soundtrack for his new film, Licorice Pizza. The coming-of-age flick boasts a pretty stacked soundtrack. The songs channel the ’70s SoCal vibes of the movie, with tracks from Sonny & Cher, David Bowie, and more. On the soundtrack, there’s a brand new track from none other than Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood. Jonny Greenwood’s aptly titled “Licorice Pizza” marks the fifth time that he’s contributed to a Paul Thomas Anderson soundtrack.

MØ – “Brad Pitt” and “Goosebumps”

Danish superstar MØ has shared two new tracks, “Brad Pitt” and “Goosebumps.” The tracks come in celebration of the announcement of her new album, Motordome, out January 28th, 2022 via RCA. “Goosebumps” comes accompanied by a video, directed by longtime collaborator Rob Sinclair and Lewis Knaggs. That clip was shot in the aftermath of MØ’s hometown. The video for “Brad Pitt” opens with a screen explaining the clip. “On Halloween 2021, MØ became Brad Pitt for one night only in honour of her highschool crush, Brad. This is how it went,” the screen reads.

“Both songs are, in each their way, about remembering who you are,” MØ explains. “Remember that you can shine? Remember there’s a chance of breaking out of the prison that is your mind? To actively move your body out of the loop and into the world.”

Fishbach – “Masque d’or”

French artist Fishbach has made her return with a video for her new single, “Masque d’or.” The single marks her first release in four years, following her debut album, À ta merci. “Masque d’or” is a stunning return for Fishbach. On the track, she balances her synthpop sound with Michael Declerck’s captivating mixing. The tune comes packed with deep grooves, killer guitar licks, and a Studio 54-style sound.

Lenny Bull – “Elevator”

Toronto’s Lenny Bull has shared a new single, “Elevator,” premiering now on Indie88. The blistering new tune is a rock anthem. It was inspired by a walk Bull was on with a friend that was going through a breakup. The pair were talking about the relationship before her friend said how “fucking tired” she was from talking about her ex. And thus, “Elevator” was born. The direct tune is about being stuck in a bad situation, and not wanting to waste any more time on that.
Listen to our Best New Indie playlist below!

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