Best New Indie: 7 songs you need to discover this week

Fresh cuts from Wintersleep, the Lumineers, The Elwins and more!

There have been quite a few great releases this week from fresh holiday tracks to brand new songs from major indie rock bands.

With new cuts from renowned indie artists like Wintersleep, the Lumineers, The Elwins, and Maggie Rogers, and killer new tracks from up and coming artists like Yves Jarvis, The High Dials, Kid Koala, you’re in for some rad new tunes this week.

Check out the best new indie tracks from this week below.

Wintersleep – “Surrender”

Canadian rock outfit Wintersleep have announced their seventh full-length studio album, In The Land Of, will be released on March 29, 2019 via Dine Alone Records. The record’s first official single will arrive next month, but in the meantime we’ve been gifted a new Wintersleep cut to go with the announcement.

Yves Jarvis – ‘Fruits of Disillusion’

Formerly known as Un Blonde, Yves Jarvis has released a new song, a new video, and announced a new album all under a new identity. Alongside the announcement of the Montreal-based creative’s upcoming album The Same but by Different Means, Yves Jarvis has released a 16mm film video for the smooth new track “Fruits of Disillusion.” The track marks a sort of melancholic theme for the upcoming album, which is set for release on March 1st.

Lumineers – “Pretty Paper (Willie Nelson Cover)”

The Lumineers have just released a stark new cover of Willie Nelson’s Christmas track, “Pretty Paper.” The Lumineers’ rendition is full of endearingly choppy acoustic guitar strumming on a lo-fi recording. The heavy reverb on the track adds a layer of melancholy as it feels like it was recorded in a large empty room. Proceeds from “Pretty Paper” go to the Brown Paper Bag Movement, which provides food and clothing to the homeless.

The Elwins – “With All Your Friends”

Indie rock goofballs The Elwins have just released an original Christmas track called “With All Your Friends.” The new festive tune has each member of The Elwins singing a chunk on top of a cheery holiday instrumental. Everything down to the single cover is full-blown festive, as the band poses with reindeer makeup.

The High Dials – “Foreverish”

The High Dials have just released a trippy, psychedelic video for their groovy track “Foreverish.” The Montreal-based band has a unique sensibility for melody rooted in 60’s classics and mixed with post-punk, electro, and folk influences. “The track offers a world-weary take on rock n roll’s promise of eternal life,” the band explains to Indie88. “Echoes of 60s garage and 90s shoe gaze are punctuated by loud and proud Latin percussion and timpani.”

Maggie Rogers – “Tim McGraw (Taylor Swift Cover)”

Maggie Rogers recently took part in the ongoing Spotify Singles series, where she covered Taylor Swift’s 2006 track “Tim McGraw,” and reworked her hit track “Light On.” Rogers took Swift’s country track and slowed it down and stripped it back for an indie interpretation of the hit song. Rogers’ full, throaty vocals and simple instrumental makes a tender rendition of “Tim McGraw.”

Kid Koala – “All For You”

Visionary scratch DJ and producer Kid Koala has just released an eerie, expansive galactic video for his recent track “All For You (feat. Trixie Whitley).” The video was made with Karnia Bleau, who “uses a combination of light, chemicals, and layered glass in her visual making process,” San explains in a statement. “I am in awe of how she’s able to create these marvelous interstellar scenes.”

Image via Norman Wong