Best New Indie: 7 songs you need to discover this week

Fresh cuts from The National, Ben Gibbard, The Black Keys, and more!

What a week!

Your playlists are sure to be stack after this wildly musical week, with fresh cuts from indie giants like The National, Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard, The Black Keys, The Beaches, and more. There were also select new bangers from up and coming indie artists like Dizzy and FRANKIIE that you won’t want to miss out on.

Check out the best new indie tunes from this week below.

The National – “Rylan”

I Am Easy To Find, The National’s longest and largest album, is out today, and a new track titled “Rylan” was pre-released yesterday. It took the band quite some time to officially release this tune. After first playing “Rylan” in a live session in 2011, the song slowly disappeared from set lists. Now, back and officially released, the song is just one of the 16 highly anticipated new tracks.

Ben Gibbard – “Filler (Minor Threat cover)”

Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard has just dropped a new cover of Minor Threat’s “Filler,” which sees the artist reworking the hardcore punk tune into a piano-driven ballad. Gibbard’s cover of the opening track of Minor Threat’s debut EP takes the original speaker-destroying tune and transforms it into a tender, intimate slowly building track. The cover revolves around a sparse piano line and Gibbard’s raspy, quivering vocals as he sings lines like, “You’re full of shit.”

The Black Keys – “Go”

While gearing up for their ninth studio album Let’s Rock, The Black Keys have dropped a video for the album’s third single, “Go,” which sees the duo attending band therapy. The new track is an anthemic, upbeat rock banger that sees The Black Keys playing their quintessentially gritty guitar lines and raucous drumbeats. “Go” is a heavy rock track that primarily revolves around Auerbach’s wailing vocal lines.

The Beaches – “Desdemona”

The Beaches have just dropped their new EP, The Professional, which features previously released singles “Fascination” and “Snake Tongue.” The EP opens with “Desdemona,” a silky, slightly spooky rock banger that revolves around a groovy guitar line, gritty bass riff, and eerie falsettos as frontwoman Jordan Miller sings lines like “What’s it like in your head?”

Dizzy – “Twist”

Toronto indie rockers Dizzy have just dropped a synth-based pop-forward track called “Twist.” The new track sees Dizzy stepping away from the dream pop vibes of “Pretty Thing” and Swim,” moving toward a lush, anthemic tune based on energetic instrumentals. “Twist” is an emphatic tune that revolves around bass-heavy drum lines, shimmering synths, and elated vocal lines, eventually leading into a killer guitar solo.

Reuben and the Dark – “You And I”

Reuben and the Dark have made their return by announcing a forthcoming deluxe edition of Arms of a Dream, and as part of the announcement, they’ve dropped a video for their new track “You And I.” The new track is an “homage to childhood memory,” frontman Reuben Bullock explains in a statement. “It is about the dreams we had. The lives we lived. It holds secrets. Good songs hold secrets.”

FRANKIIE – “Dream Reader”

After getting signed to Toronto’s Paper Bag Records, Vancouver dream rockers FRANKIIE have just dropped a surreal, trippy video for their new single “Dream Reader.” “‘Dream Reader’ was written around a series of dreams I’d had while the band was feeling directionless,” songwriter Nashlyn Lloyd explains in a statement. “I was struggling to maintain my belief in the importance of creating music and our ambitions as a group. These dreams of drowning, stranded horses, and flying janky planes kept coming. I looked a few up in a dream dictionary and found that many of them were about new beginnings, emotional rebirth.”