Best New Indie: 8 songs you need to discover this week

Fresh Cuts from MGMT, Phoebe Bridgers, Dirty Projectors, and more!

What a week for new tunes!

This week, we’ve been blessed with some unbelievable tracks from indie giants like MGMT, Dirty Projectors, Blink-182, Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien, and we even got a collaboration between Phoebe Bridgers, Fiona Apple, and Matt Berninger. There were also some sweet fresh cuts from up-and-coming artists like Pond frontman Nicholas Allbrook. Check out the best new indie tracks from this week below!

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MGMT – “In The Afternoon”

MGMT have made their return with a video for their new track, “In the Afternoon.” “In the Afternoon,” which marks their first new music since 2018’s Little Dark Age, is an off-putting, guitar-driven track with a horror soundtrack-like synth line as processed vocals deliver lines like, “But you look sad/ In a reassuring way/ And I don’t want to leave/ So we can both be the same.” The self-directed clip is a retro, psychedelic collection of shots of the band plastered across eerie neon lighting.

Phoebe Bridgers – “7 O’Clock News/Silent Night (featuring Fiona Apple and Matt Berninger)”

Phoebe Bridgers has dropped a cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s “7 O’Clock News/Silent Night,” which features Fiona Apple and The National frontman Matt Berninger. Much like the original tune, Bridgers combines “Silent Night” with a reading from a newscast, but this time, it’s pulled from 2019. Berninger reads the newscast, which mentions everything from sexting to Trump’s White House. Apple, on the other hand, harmonizes with Bridgers.



Dirty Projectors – “FourFiveSeconds”

Dirty Projectors have made their return with a new live record called Sing The Melody. The 8-track album was recorded live in-studio in late 2018 at New York’s Power Station Studios, and was released via Domino as part of their “Domino Documents” series. The record not only features hits like “Right Now” and “What Is The Time,” but it also features “FourFiveSeconds,” which sees the band taking on the Rihanna, Kanye West, and Paul McCartney song in their own way.

Joseph – “NYE (Trio Sessions)” and “Without You (Trio Sessions)”

Sister trio Joseph have released acoustic renditions of their Good Luck, Kid tracks, “NYE” and “Without You.” The new tunes come as part of Trio Sessions Vol. 1, a two-track single bundle featuring stripped-down versions of tracks from their recently released album. The acoustic version of “Without You” features a driven electric guitar line, as their vocals take a deeper turn, with grittier arrangements.

The rendition of “NYE,” which comes just in time for New Year’s, sees the sisters harmonizing perfectly, as they deliver lines like, “I need you to hold me even closer now/ I know we’ll make it another year though, I don’t know how.”

Blink-182 – “Not Another Christmas Song”

Blink-182 have dropped melancholic new holiday anthem called “Not Another Christmas Song.” The track comes packed with chugging pop-punk instrumentals before exploding into a Christmas-themed chorus. “Not Another Christmas Song” tells the tale of a narrator who reflects on their younger years, as their relationship crumbles before them, as frontman Mark Hoppus sings lines like, “And now you’re always angry/ And I’m always saying, ‘I’m Sorry’/ Depression’s such a lonely business/ Why can’t we get divorced for Christmas?”

EOB – “Brasil”

Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien has released a video for his new nine-minute track “Brasil” as EOB. “‘Brasil’ is a state of mind, not a place or time,” O’Brien explains. “H.P. Lovecraft, Kubrick, and Junji Ito have created some of my favorite sci-fi narratives. But I’ve always wanted to reinterpret their horrific premises into a more poetic and optimistic notion. What if an alien or higher being were to come to earth to help us achieve a greater existence, and not to destroy us? The theory that humans, as a species, actually represent one large, singular organism has always fascinated me.”

Nicholas Allbrook – “Tu sais comme je suis (Halo Maud cover)”

Pond frontman Nicholas Allbrook has released a cover of French singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Halo Maud’s “Tu sais comme je suis.” Allbrook takes Maud’s track and moves it toward the psychedelic, packed with groove-heavy instrumentals and ambient synth lines. The track revolves around a perfectly disorienting instrumental line, weaving in and out alongside Allbrook’s dreamy falsettos.

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