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Best New Indie: 8 songs you need to discover this week

Life has been pretty wild lately, but luckily we’ve been blessed with some amazing new tunes.

Indie giants like Bright Eyes, Run The Jewels, Ben Gibbard, Dirty Projectors, and more have delivered killer fresh cuts. We’ve also gotten some unbelievable tracks from up-and-coming acts like Surf Rock is Dead, Ellis, and Tops.

Check out the best new indie tracks from this week below.

Bright Eyes – “Persona Non Grata”

Bright Eyes have made their return with their first new track in nine years, “Persona Non Grata.” The downtempo tune revolves around sombre instrumental, that grows as the track progresses and eventually features bagpipes. Frontman Ben Gibbard delivers powerful lyrics throughout the entirety of “Persona Non Grata,” as he delivers lines like, “Left your innocence there/ in Tiananmen square/ You were filled with despair/ Underfed and depressed.”

Run The Jewels – “Ooh La La”

Run the Jewels have shared another new tune, “Ooh LA LA,” from their forthcoming RTJ4. The track features DJ Premier and Greg Nice of Nice & Smooth. They duo scheduled to hit the road with Rage Against the Machine for a spring and summer tour, but the first leg of dates have been postponed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In the meantime, at least we have a steady flow of new RTJ jams rolling in.

Ben Gibbard – “Life In Quarantine”

Ben Gibbard has shared a studio rendition of his new benefit track, “Life In Quarantine.” Gibbard, who recently released a solo acoustic performance video of his track, is donating the song’s proceeds to a charity called Aurora Commons, which is “a wonderful organization that provides a safe space for people temporarily experiencing homelessness.” The powerful tune revolves around exactly what we’re all going through with social distancing without being too on the nose.

Dirty Projectors – “Search for Life”

Dirty Projectors have announced a new EP called Windows Open, which is set for release on March 27th, and as part of the announcement they’ve shared a new track called “Search for Life.” The EP, which will also feature previously released single “Overlord,” marks the band’s first release with their new lineup, featuring Maia Friedman on lead vocal duties. The album will still come packed with the band’s signature distorted guitars and strings, but this time with the added mix of Friedman’s silky vocals.

Muzz – “Broken Tambourine”

Interpol’s Paul Banks has shared a new track with his new project, Muzz, which was made up of Banks, Bonny Light Horseman’s Josh Kaufman, and the Walkmen’s Matt Barrick. Today, Muzz have shared “Broken Tambourine,” which is a somber, meditative track that revolves around an organ. The new tune comes accompanied by a stark, powerful video that follows an animated astronaut in an eerie white room before it breaks into clips of outer space.

TOPS – “Direct Sunlight”

Ahead of their upcoming album I Feel Alive out April 3rd, TOPS have dropped a new single “Direct Sunlight.” The upbeat track reflects TOPS’ fun, colourful and bouncy sound. Filled with beaming synths, gentle twinkling and sweet vocals, the track is a burst of joy. Lead vocalist Jane Penney sings, “Get a load of that sunshine in your life/ They play shadow games/ I play with the light/ Promise me we’ll always be me.”

Ellis – “Saturn Return”

Like the consistent queen she is, Ellis has released “Saturn Return,” yet another single off her upcoming full-length album Born Again, out April 3rd. The video features Ellis dreamily singing in front of hanging planets, stars and clouds. As the video progresses, three actors of various ages take turns replacing Ellis, representing her at different points in her life.

Surf Rock is Dead – “Immaculate”

Brooklyn duo Surf Rock is Dead have shared a new track called “Immaculate.” With instrumentals influenced by a combination of ’80s post-punk rhythms and shimmery dream pop, “Immaculate” sees the outfit entering a new realm of textured, multi-faceted tunes. “In our heads the song is painting a scenario similar to this: The world as we know it is coming to an end,” the band explains. “You’re with your partner having your last dialogue ever, trying to figure out what the fuck happened and how things could have been different. Everything will be gone soon but those last moments in the present still remain somehow immaculate and pure.”

Listen to our Best New Indie playlist below!

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