Best New Indie: 8 songs you need to discover this week

Featuring July Talk, Weezer, Gorillaz, and more

It’s been another huge week for new music.

This week, we’ve gotten fresh cuts from indie giants like July Talk, Gorillaz, Weezer, Cold War Kids, and Milky Chance. There have also been some unbelievable new tunes from killer acts like Rhye, Moscow Apartment, and Evening Hymns.

Check out this week’s best new indie below.

July Talk – “Identical Love”

July Talk has shared a lyric video for her new single “Identical Love.” “You know this one thing. You know you will have to challenge your love if you want it to challenge you back,” co-lead vocalist Peter Dreimanis explains. “Your love should change you, surprise and rearrange you. But you have to challenge it to become a transformative love that makes those around you feel remarkable and new, like absolutely anything can happen at any time.”

Gorillaz – “How Far (feat. Skepta, Tony Allen)”

Gorillaz have shared a new collaboration with Skepta and the late Tony Allen called “How Far.” The single is being released as a tribute to the drummer who recently passed away on April 30th 2020. This song is an addition to the numerous singles being released under their Song Machine series.

Weezer – “Hero”

Weezer have shared a video for their new track “Hero” from their forthcoming album Van Weezer, which has had its May 15th release date pushed back. The new track is a quintessential Weezer anthem, packed with pop-punk guitar riffs as frontman Rivers Cuomo sings about people struggling to fit in, delivering lines like, “Everybody needs a hero but I’m not everybody else/ I walk alone, yeah, I walk alone.”

Cold War Kids – “1 x 1 (feat. Wesley Schultz)”

Cold War Kids have shared a new acoustic guitar-driven track with The Lumineers’ Wesley Schultz called “1 x 1.” “This song was inspired by the stories of child migrants separated from their families at the border,” Cold War Kids singer Nathan Willets explains in a statement. “Now that we are all quarantined, it has taken on an extra meaning…One by one each of us are staying apart to help the whole of us.”

Milky Chance – “Don’t Let Me Down (feat. Jack Johnson)”

Milky Chance have shared a new collaborative track with Jack Johnson called “Don’t Let Me Down.” “We’ve been listening to Jack Johnson’s music since we were teenagers and even played his songs with friends and our first band projects back then,” the duo explain. “We met him for the first time in 2018 at a festival in Switzerland and then again at Sea.Hear.Now Festival in the US when he came and invited us to jam in the dressing room. It’s been a real honour working together with him on this song and we cannot what to share it with the world.”

Rhye – “Beautiful”

Toronto-born, L.A.-based musician Rhye, a.k.a. Michael Milosh, has returned with a new single titled “Beautiful,” via Last Gang Records. It’s Rhye’s first proper single release since his JUNO Award-winning 2018 record Blood. “As we all share in this collective crazy moment that is quarantine, there are many ways to deal with the isolation, many ways we can truly fall into ourselves,” Milosh said in a release. “For me, celebrating the beauty that is my partner has been a huge inspiration for me and a saving grace. Beauty is something we truly need to be open to in this moment. Find it in music, art, your loved ones, or yourself.”

Moscow Apartment – “Halfway”

Moscow Apartment have shared a new single called “Halfway” off of their forthcoming EP Better Daughter, which drops this June. “Halfway” is a perfect preview of this upcoming collection of harmonious tracks, with a lush, folk-based instrumental line with a grittier sound than their previous releases, as songwriters Brighid Fry and Pascale Padilla deliver beautiful vocal lines.

Evening Hymns – “My Drugs, My Dreams”

Evening Hymns have shared a new single called “My Drugs, My Dreams,” which comes accompanied by a stunning video, directed by Monika Kraska. “I wrote this song in my living room right after my breakup, totally terrified and alone,” Evening Hymns explains. “Again, all these huge questions came back to me and I was so confused and drained. I’d just hurt this person that I loved and had loved for so long and who I had had all of these formative experiences with: touring the world, moving to the country, grieving my father. I wanted to remember it forever, to be present, to learn from it, and so drew the picture.”

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