Best New Indie: 8 songs you need to discover this week

Fresh cuts from The Raconteurs, Said The Whale, The Decemberists, and more!

This week has been a solid week for new tunes with exciting fresh indie tracks that you’re sure to want to add to your favourite playlists.

There were tons of new cuts from rad indie icons like The Raconteurs, The Flaming Lips, Rivers Cuomo, Said The Whale, Lykke Li, Julien Baker, Matt Berninger, and The Decemberists. Check out the best new indie tracks from this week below.

The Raconteurs – “Sunday Driver”

Jack White’s band The Raconteurs have finally released new tracks, which are the first since 2008’s Consolers Of The Lonely. Guitar-heavy rock banger “Sunday Driver” shows White taking the lead. A Steven Sebring directed video is on the way, but in the mean time you can enjoy the ripping guitar hook and gritty, raucous vocals on streaming services everywhere.

The Flaming Lips – “Peace On Eart/Little Drummer Boy (David Bowie and Bing Crosby cover)”

The Flaming Lips have just released a new music video that features them covering David Bowie and Bing Crosby’s holiday medley, “Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy.” The iconic indie band recorded and filmed their own rendition in Oklahoma City at Wayne Coyne’s Pink Floor Studios. The Coyne and George Salisbury directed clip is perfectly weird and quintessential Flaming Lips, featuring trippy, rainbow festive visuals.

Said The Whale – “Level Best”

“I wrote this song for my son,” band member Tyler Bancroft explains. The track is earnest and emotional, and follows the story of a father who would do whatever it takes for his child. The endearing track is full of heartwarming lyrics as Bancroft sings, “Call me an asshole/ Call me what you want to/ I will love you still.”

Julien Baker, Matt Berninger, Stephan Altman – “All I Want”

The second volume in Planned Parenthood’s 7-inches for Planned Parenthood benefit series has been released, and it features a new track called “All I Want” from The National’s Matt Berninger, Julien Baker, and composer Stephan Altman. The studio version of “All I Want” has been collected with a B-side of Hanif Abdurraqib performing his poem “Defiance, Ohio is the Name of a Band.”

Rivers Cuomo – “Two Broken Hearts”

Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo has just shared a new track “Two Broken Hearts” alongside a meme-filled video. The quirky clip features real-life Cuomo dancing, eating, and downing some water as flashes of memes and his very own Bitmoji avatar flicker on screen. There are iconic shots of Tom Cruise, Barack Obama, and Elon Musk smoking weed during his appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast, making for a perfectly 2018 video.

The Decemberists – “Traveling On”

The Decemberists have just released a new EP called Traveling On, which is the follow up to their record from earlier this year, I’ll Be Your Girl. The EP is a “sharp twenty-one minutes of songs that were recorded during the I’ll Be Your Girl sessions but never quite found a home on the album those sessions produced,” the band’s website explains.

Lykke Li – “bad woman”

Lykke Li has released a stripped-down rendition of album standout “bad woman,” accompanied by a video of the in-studio performance. The video shows Li surrounded by candles as she delivers a slower, sorrowful rendition of the track. “Love hurts but it’s what we’re made of,” Li wrote in a statement. “From one broken heart to another.”

The Raconteurs – “Now That You’re Gone”

The second Raconteurs track also made it to the list this week. Band member Brendan Benson takes the lead on the blues-rock anthem “Now That You’re Gone,” and the stark, black and white video features burlesque performer Gia Genevieve as she goes through a rough patch and even drives a car at The Raconteurs.