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Best New Indie: 9 songs you need to discover this week

It’s been a pretty wild week, but that doesn’t mean we’ve been lacking in new tunes!

There have been plenty of unbelievable fresh cuts from renowned acts like The Killers, Sharon Van Etten, Born Ruffians, Sufjan Stevens, and more! There were also plenty of new tunes from up-and-coming artists like Girlpool, The Aubreys, and Nap Eyes. Get ready for some stacked playlists!

Check out the best new indie tracks from this week below.

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The Killers – “Caution”

The Killers have shared a new track called “Caution,” which features former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham. The track opens with a choral, slow-building instrumental that let’s frontman Brandon Flowers’ silky, processed vocals float atop brooding melodies before the tune explodes into a guitar-driven, jangly anthem. Flowers’ quirky lyricism takes the lead, as he delivers lines like, “Let me introduce you to the featherweight queen/ She got Hollywood eyes, but she can’t shoot what she see,” until Buckingham tears his way through an epic guitar solo near the end of the tune.


Sharon Van Etten – “Staring At A Mountain”

Sharon Van Etten has shared a new track called “Staring At A Mountain” from the forthcoming film Never Rarely Sometimes Always, which she stars in. “Staring At A Mountain” is a soft, stark ballad that moves away from the synth-rock music she’s been making lately to return to her powerful, piano-driven tracks. The new tune sets a sombre, yet lovely tone for the forthcoming flick.

Born Ruffians – “Wavy Haze”

Born Ruffians have shared a new single called “Wavy Haze,” which sees the band reflecting on their early days in Toronto. “I moved to Toronto when I was 19, after high school,” frontman Luke Lalonde explains. “As a band we all lived together in a house in Parkdale – Mitch, Steve and I with our friend Joel. I remember stacks of beers (Brava, Sol and Labatt’s 50) jamming in the basement, writing in my bedroom, lots of anxiety and stuff going around me then too. I know I was mostly miserable at the time but I remember it fondly. The song’s lyrics came from that juxtaposition, and form looking back with a mix of longing, loss, relief, regret, and growth through this wavy haze of memory hovering around.”

Sufjan Stevens, Lowell Brams – “Climb That Mountain”

Following the release of two songs last month, Sufjan Stevens and his stepfather Lowell Brams have dropped another track, “Climb That Mountain.” This is the third single off their upcoming collaborative album Aporia, out March 27th. The track is predominantly instrumental, elevated by dreamy, twinkling piano as the song dramatically crescendos into a heavenly choir. Running three minutes long, the track slows into a satisfying finish and leaves listeners feeling overwhelmed but complete by the song’s journey, similar to the feeling of climbing a mountain and reaching its peak.

Girlpool – “Like I’m Winning It”

Girlpool have shared a video for their new track “Like I’m Winning It.” Where last year’s full-length album What Chaos Is Imaginary revolved around indie rock arrangements, this new tune leans toward electro pop, with synth-driven and beat-heavy tracks. “Like I’m Winning It” features a catchy groove, as Avery Tucker delivers lines like, “I wanna see more and she looks like she got it/ That’s all I do I’m not gonna hide it/ On the stage you winked at me/ That’s control we can ride it.”

The Aubreys – “Loved One”

The Aubreys, made up of Finn Wolfhard and former Calpurnia bandmate Malcom Craif, have shared a new track called “Loved One.” The guitar-driven tune sees Wolfhard and Craig singing about trying to make someone their loved one, delivering lines like, “Just tell me what is right/ ‘Cause I’ll follow you into the dark, into the night.” The jangly track is definitely a must-listen.

Nap Eyes – “Mystery Calling”

Following the release of “Mark Zuckerberg” and “So Tired,” Halifax outfit Nap Eyes has shared a video for their new track “Mystery Calling.” “This is another improvised-origin song,” frontman Nigel Chapman explains. “On one level it’s basically a description of my homebody ways, and it’s also about the way our mundane routines can seem to pull us away from what I’m referring to as ‘Mystery’ in the song – that is, away from the discovery and creation that seem to be more valuable and important activities in themselves, despite being deemed superficially ‘non-practical.’ Now, this irritation and sense of being drawn away from what’s important is probably mostly illusory.”

The Pack AD – “Give Up”

Vancouver duo The Pack AD have announced their final album for the foreseeable future, It was fun while it lasted, which is set for release on April 17th. As part of the announcement, they’ve previewed the record with the first single, “Give Up.” “We’ve been a band for so long, and it’s very insular in so many ways, especially when you’re a duo,” drummer Maya Miller explains of the track in a statement. “It is this Us vs The World feeling, that highlights Becky singing ‘you may feel leftover but you’ll always make my team.’ This song really lays bare all the frustration and depression that has become part and parcel of doing what we love. We love playing music. We love our fans. We would be lying though, if we didn’t say that rock music is a boys club and it is a constant battle to keep our space carved out as music.”

Noah Reid – “Jacob’s Dream”

Singer-songwriter Noah Reid, who plays Patrick on Canadian comedy series Schitt’s Creek, has shared a video for his single “Jacob’s Dream.” Reid wrote the track in the back seat of a car while on a family trip to Bulgaria, as he was listening to his father telling a biblical story a work of art was based on. The lyrics for “Jacob’s Dream” are inspired by Reid’s interpretation of the story, which follows Jacob, who dreams he wrestled an angel and, upon walking, walked with a limp for the rest of his live. “Blessings are hard to come by and they cost you something,” Reid explains. “We’re all wrestling with angels in our own way.”

Listen to our Best New Indie playlist below!

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