Best New Indie: 9 songs you need to discover this week

Featuring a collaboration from Hayley Williams and boygenius

Plenty of artists have been releasing music amidst social distancing to encourage mental well-being.

This week, we’ve been gifted unbelievable tracks from renowned acts like Purity Ring, MGMT, Sharon Van Etten, Perfume Genius, and we even got an amazing collaboration from Hayley Williams and boygenius.

Check out the best new indie tracks from this week below.

Hayley Williams – “Roses/Lotus/Violet/Iris (boygenius)”

After releasing the first half of her solo project Petals for Armor in February, Hayley Williams has shared “Roses/Lotus/Violet/Iris,” which features indie supergroup boygenius, made up of Phoebe Bridgers Lucy Dacus, and Julien Baker. Earlier this month, Williams shared the lyrics to “Roses/Lotus/Violet/Iris” on International Women’s Day, and now we get the full track. The fresh cut is an ominous, guitar-driven track that allows boygenius’ harmonies to accompany Williams’ vocals perfectly.

Purity Ring – “peaceful” and “pink lightning”

Purity Ring have unveiled two new tracks called “peaceful” and “pink lightning.” “Peaceful” is a frantic, keys and synth-driven instrumental that slowly builds, as Purity Ring deliver silky lines like, “O what am I missing you said the kindest thing/ O what am I missing anyone has ever said to me.”

“Pink lightning,” on the other hand, revolves around a pitch-shifted vocal line, making for an eerie tune with lines like, “Warm water rises/ It still feels like I can’t stop crying/ Hold me inside it.”

MGMT – “As You Move Through The World”

MGMT have come to relieve us all during these trying times, releasing their promised track “As You Move Through The World” early. The seven-minute predominantly-instrumental song is hazy and slow-burning, with some hints of MGMT’s psychedelic rock sound. Twinkling bells and keyboard synths are scattered throughout, adding to the track’s eeriness.

Sharon Van Etten – “If My Love Could Kill (Lucinda Williams cover)”

Sharon Van Etten has shared an artistic rendition of Lucinda Williams’ “If My Love Could Kill.” Van Etten’s cover comes as part of the Alzheimer’s Association’s new compilation album, Music Moments. The powerful cover sees Van Etten crooning lines like, “Murderer of poets, murderer of songs/ Who robbed me of your memory, who robbed me of your time.”

Perfume Genius – “On the Floor”

Mike Hadreas has shared a self-directed video for his new track as Perfume Genius, “On the Floor.” “A crush can really live on its own, separate from you and the person you are pining for,” Hadreas explains of the new track. “The fantasy feels like its own world, obsession can turn the person you are longing for in to a monument that has less and less to do with them and more to do with the idea of love itself and what it can do, what it can do, what it can soothe or quiet or light on fire.”

Thundercat – “Fair Chance”

As a tribute to his late friend Mac Miller, Thundercat has dropped the track “Fair Chance,” featuring Ty Dolla $ign and Lil B. The song is featured on his upcoming album It Is What It Is is, out April 3rd. “This song is about Mac,” Thundercat explains. “When he passed it shook the ground for the artist community. Ty’s a strong dude and when he heard the song he knew exactly what it should be. I was there when he recorded it. We talked about what it was, and he did what he felt was right to it, and I love what he did.”

Bruno Major – “Old Soul”

Bruno Major has announced his forthcoming album, A Song For Every Moon. As part of the announcement, he’s shared a video for his new track “Old Soul.” “‘Old Soul’ is an ode to an immediate post break up, self-pitying, stay in for three weeks and eat uber eats three times a day wallow,” Major explains. “We’ve all been there! I came up with the main drum beat on an actual drum kit, which was a first for me… and then [co-producer] Phairo and I built the arrangement from there. I wrote this song with Xamvolo in my kitchen – it was originally on guitar, but this version is heavily drum and bass led. It’s a new feeling for me, and I adore it.”

Elrichman – “I Mostly Consume”

Toronto artist Elrichman has shared “I Mostly Consume” from his forthcoming album Heaven’s Mayor, which drops this summer. The standout tune comes packed with an 90s jangle-pop instrumental line and a powerful string section as it weaves in and out of varying tempos. The track explores the idea that we only exist on earth to consume, which is what most of the album is about.

Listen to our Best New Indie playlist below!