Best New Indie: 9 songs you need to discover this week

Featuring Kings of Leon, Yves Jarvis, Cherry Glazerr, and more

Can you believe it’s the middle of February already? Time is flying by, and each week we’re getting amazing new tune after amazing new tune, so we’ve put together a list of some of the best new indie tracks from this week.

With fresh cuts from renowned indie acts like Kings of Leon, Yves Jarvis, Cherry Glazerr, and more, you’re in for a real treat this week!

Check out this week’s Best New Indie below.

Kings of Leon – “Echoing”

Kings of Leon are gearing up to make their return with their first album since 2016, When You See Yourself, and this week they’ve shared another preview of the forthcoming collection with “Echoing.” “It feels wonderful,” the band’s Nathan Followill explains to Zane Lowe in an Apple Radio interview. “It’s been a long wait sitting on this music, and it’s always difficult knowing that you have something that you’re really excited for everyone to get to hear, and then being told you have to sit on it for a minute was tough, but it also gave us a chance to live with it for a little while. And it’s still just as fresh today as it was on the first listen.”

Yves Jarvis – “Projection”

Following the release of Sundry Rock Song Stock, Montreal’s Yves Jarvis has returned with a trippy video for his new single “Projection.” The soft, swirling new track features lyrics in English and French. “Projection” is a “rickety rejection of dogma, tumbling tenaciously toward the tip,” Jarvis explains. Jarvis shot the accompanying black-and-white video on an iPhone, and he printed out each frame and scanned them all to create a flip book style. Ultimately, the video for “Projection” is a gritty, flashy clip packed with fun shots of Jarvis.

Cherry Glazerr – “Big Bang”

Los Angeles garage rockers Cherry Glazerr have shared a new track called “Big Bang,” which they recorded with producer Jen Decilveo. “The lyrics came from feeling like I was growing apart from someone who was close to me in my life, and the song is essentially about heartache, but it’s euphoric at the same time,” Cherry Glazerr’s Clementine Creevy explains of the track. “That’s what I like about it – the intensity of those very personal feelings paired with a sort of huge, exposed energy. I feel like I was able to let a lot out with this song. It feels really special to me.”

Shakey Graves – “Roll The Bones”

Shakey Graves has announced Roll The Bones X, a 10th anniversary reissue of his breakout debut Bandcamp album. As part of the announcement, he’s shared a video for the title track. The album was originally released in 2011 exclusively on Bandcamp, and on April 2nd, 2021, it will get a wide digital release for the first time ever. Now, we’ve gotten a preview of the album with “Roll The Bones,” and an accompanying video directed by Shakey Graves frontman Alejandro Rose-Garcia.

Haviah Mighty – “Obeah”

Following the release of “Antisocial” earlier this year, Polaris Music Prize-winning artist Haviah Mighty has shared a video for her new track, “Obeah.” The powerful song, which she produced alongside her brother, is centred around Mighty’s Caribbean heritage, as she sings of trust, spirituality, her family, and “a belief that the energies around you dictate what you allow in your life in order to prosper,” according to a release. The accompanying Jesse Dart-directed clip, which was made in collaboration with production company Cultiv8, features cameo appearances from Mighty’s friends and her father, who is sampled on “Obeah.”

Caribou – “Never Come Back (Koreless Remix)”

Caribou, producer Dan Snaith’s electronic project, has announced Suddenly Remixes, which is set for release on March 12th. As part of the announcement, he has shared a new Koreless remix of “Never Come Back.” “Sometimes remixes are commissioned to be marketing tools or to make the music functional in a club. But for me there’s only one reason to get remixes done: because I’m a giddy fan of the remixer,” Snaith says.

Middle Kids – “Cellophane (Brain)”

Australian indie trio Middle Kids have shared a video for their new track “Cellophane (Brain)” from their forthcoming album, Today We’re The Greatest, which drops on March 19th via Domino. “I remember making a diorama in primary school for an under-the-ocean scene using cellophane,” frontwoman Hannah Joy explains. “I loved the way cellophane looked but I hated the way it crunched and creased in my hands. It’s one of those weird things you remember sometimes…. I’m not even sure if cellophane is an exact metaphor for my mind it feels connected to the song for me. When I consciously started taking note of what was going on in my brain it was usually ANXIOUS and NEGATIVE. If my mind is a minefield of fear and sadness, nothing else can shift my overall sense of myself. But to change one’s thinking is incredibly hard. It’s an inner journey with little extrinsic reward or accountability.”

Charlotte Cardin – “Meaningless”

Charlotte Cardin has officially announced her highly anticipated debut album, Phoenix, which is set for release on April 9th via Atlantic. As part of the announcement, the Montreal artist has shared a video for her new track “Meaningless.” Today’s new track is powerful and slow-building, until it explodes into layers of synth, beats, and powerhouse vocal lines. The accompanying Norman Wong-directed video comes packed with stunning low-light shots of Cardin in front of images of a desolate landscape as the sun rises behind her before it cuts to shots of her with a dance crew in front of captivating flashing lights.

Sports – “Call Me Anytime”

Oklahoma dream-pop duo Sports have shared a new single called “Call Me Anytime” from their new 6-track EP, Get A Good Look Pt. 1, which dropped today. “This song came from a jam we did back when we were writing for Everyone’s Invited,” Sports’ Cale Chronister explains of the track. “It’s a completely different idea now than it was then. Then, it was just these stabby chords and me singing ‘you can call me anytime’ over a bunch of noise. Now it’s much more finessed rock ‘n’ roll, which I love. I re-demoed it a year later with Pink Floyd in the brain, then we just re-tracked everything.”

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