Best New Indie: 9 songs you need to discover this week

Fresh new tracks from Sufjan Stevens, Foxwarren, Smashing Pumpkins, and more

New music Friday is here! It’s been an amazing week for new tracks, with fresh cuts from indie music giants like Sufjan Stevens, Mastersystem, Panda Bear, and the Smashing Pumpkins. You can also let tunes from up and coming artists like Foxwarren, Moscow Apartment, Klaus, Shade, and Deanna Petcoff take you into the weekend.

Check out these new tunes that are bound to get you through this gloomy fall weather.

Sufjan Stevens – “Lonely Man of Winter”

Sufjan Stevens has finally shared a track he created a decade ago called “Lonely Man of Winter.” The track was made in response to Alec Duffy’s “Every Day is Christmas,” which was the winning song from Sufjan Stevens’ 2007 Xmas Song Xchange Contest. Originally, only Duffy had access to the tune, which he shared at listening parties across the world. Now, all fans can listen to the seasonal ballad.

Foxwarren – “Everything Apart”

Andy Shauf has announced that he’ll be releasing a brand new album, but instead of a solo effort it will be a self-titled debut album with Foxwarren. The new band also released a video for “Everything Apart,” a track off the upcoming album. The name “Foxwarren” comes from the Kissicks’ hometown in Manitoba even though the first time the band lived in the same place was when they lived together as roommates in Regina.

Moscow Apartment – “Orange”

Moscow Apartment has just released a new track called “Orange” off of their upcoming sophomore EP, which is driven by soft harmonies and explosive refrains. “‘Orange’ is about the weird twilight-zone feeling that happens sometimes at sunset,” the indie pop duo explained in a statement. It’s about the moment “when things suddenly don’t feel real, like everything around you is a movie.”

Mastersystem – “Old Team”

Nearly six months after Frightened Rabbit frontman Scott Hutchison passed away in May, supergroup Mastersystem has released a new video for their last single, “Old Team.” The video for “Old Team” features footage from Mastersystem’s first and last tour, and the single will be released on November 30th on vinyl. All of the proceeds from the limited edition record will go to the Scott Hutchison foundation, which is a new mental health charity established by his family.

Klaus – “Fever”

Montreal’s Klaus is a supergroup with members of Polaris Prize winning bands Patrick Watson, Karkwa, and Galaxie, and they’ve just released a video for their latest single “Fever.” This catchy electro-pop track is unexpected, and accompanied by an equally shocking psychedelic montage of photos, film footage, and computer animation.

Shade – “She Told Me”

Hamilton-based rock band Shade have just released a video for their latest single “She Told Me.” The Leon Taheny and Josh Korody produced track is a fusion between catchy hooks and rioting melodies, and the video features someone cautiously making their way through a city as a man eerily follows them. The band’s all-consuming grungy tune is dark and hazy, and you can really feel the British rock and punk-infused influences.

Smashing Pumpkins – “Knights of Malta”

Smashing Pumpkins have just shared “Knights of Malta,” the opening track off of their forthcoming album, Shiny and Oh So Bright, Vol. 1 / LP: No Past. No Future. No Sun. The new album features the band’s founding members Billy Corgan, James Iha, Jimmy Chamberlin, and Jeff Shroeder. This new song is the third release after “Solara” and “Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts).”

Deanna Petcoff – “Stress”

Deanna Petcoff has just released a playful, colourful new video for her warm, textured track “Stress.” Petcoff’s music is all about yearning, and you can really hear it in her latest song. Her throaty vocals intertwine with pining lyrics to leave the listener with a feeling of intense longing and desire. The video features Petcoff getting ready and lightheartedly dancing with an empowered girl squad as they sing along to the upbeat melody of “Stress.”

Panda Bear – “Dolphin”

Animal Collective’s Panda Bear has just shared his latest experimental track, “Dolphin,” off of his upcoming album Buoys. This eerily dreamy track is the album’s lead single, and centres around the sound of dripping water. The ominous vocals drive the song, with light instrumentals that are drowned out by the sound of the water droplets.