Best New Indie: 9 songs you need to discover this week

Fresh cuts from Pkew Pkew Pkew, The 1975, Arctic Monkeys, and more!

Tons of exciting fresh cuts surfaced this week that you’ll definitely want to add to your go-to playlists.

It was a surprisingly big week for covers, with unique renditions of well known tracks from artists like The 1975, Boygenius, and Phoebe Bridgers. There were also lots of rad new tracks from indie artists like Pkew Pkew Pkew, Ex:Re (Elena Tonra of Daughter), Partner, and more.

Check out the best new indie tracks from this week below.

Pkew Pkew Pkew – “65 Nickels”

Pkew Pkew Pkew have just released a video about testing the limits of friendship for their new track “65 Nickels.” After signing to Dine Alone Records, Pkew Pkew Pkew released tracks that feature their new sound, which is packed with dueling guitars, gritty harmonies, and realistic lyrics as they explore their reluctance toward becoming an adult.

Arctic Monkeys – “Anyways”

Arctic Monkeys have just released “Anyways,” a previously unreleased B-side from their Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino 7-inch record. The track fits perfectly with the record as a whole, as it comes laced with Alex Turner’s distinctive lulling vocals and smooth, bouncy instrumentals.

Ex:Re (Elena Tonra of Daughter) – “Romance”

Daughter frontwoman Elena Tonra just released a lonely video for her new single “Romance” off of her upcoming debut solo album. Her new project will be called Ex:Re, and the self-titled record is set for release today, November 30th. In the video, Tonra throws herself across the busy room as she spends the evening by herself amidst bright orange and blue coloured lights.

The 1975 – “thank u, next (Ariana Grande Cover)

British electro pop outfit the 1975 took to the BBC’s Live Lounge where they covered pop sensation Ariana Grande’s viral track “thank u, next.” She’s “somebody who I’ve started to really care about for some reason,” the 1975 frontman Matty Healy explains about Grande. “She’s had a ripe old tough time, and I like her a lot. I think she’s cool. And she’s got a great voice, and I don’t, so I’m going to sing one of her songs.”

Partner – “Lost My Pick, Can I Borrow One?”

Polaris Music Prize nominee Partner released a homemade video for their new track “Lost My Pick, Can I Borrow One?” this week. The Maritime-bred indie outfit asks to borrow a guitar pick seconds before a show starts, launching the track into killer guitar solos and a steady rock beat.

Boygenius – “Cowboy Take Me Away (Dixie Chicks Cover)”

Indie supergroup Boygenius made up of Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus took to the stage at Seattle’s Moore Theatre on Sunday night, where they covered The Dixie Chicks’ “Cowboy Take Me Away.” The band’s gloomy take on the early 2000s track is slow and haunting, with a graceful use of the violin and the perfect blend of Baker, Bridgers, and Dacus’ harmonies.

Pale Lips – “You’re A Doll”

All female rock band Pale Lips have just released “You’re a Doll,” the first single off of their upcoming album After Dark. The powerful rock anthem breaks down the stereotypes relayed onto young girls through the cliches of childhood games. Fantasy mirrors reality in the track, as the band explores the confusion and sorrow that comes with embracing femininity.

Phoebe Bridgers – “Christmas Song (McCarthy Trenching Cover)”

After releasing an eye-watering cover of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” last year, Phoebe Bridgers is back with a new cover of a holiday track called “Christmas Song,” featuring Jackson Browne. The beautifully heart-wrenching piano based track is a McCarthy Trenching cover that comes wrapped in holiday sadness and nostalgia as Bridgers sings, “Sadness comes crashing like a brick through the window / And it’s Christmas, so no one can fix it.”

Jess Ribeiro – “Love Is The Score Of Nothing”

Melbourne’s Jess Ribeiro has just released a dry, satirical video for her new track “Love Is The Score Of Nothing.” The comedic vintage-style video compliments the track perfectly, with the song’s mix of beautifully deadpan vocals, upbeat melodies, and a jangly guitar. “Love is like tennis,” Ribeiro tells The 405 about the video. “You win, you lose, you work up a sweat, the game ends. You go home, take a shower, then go outside and keep playing.”