Best New Indie: 6 Songs You Need To Discover This Week

Required Weekly Listening from Bjork, Sufjan Stevens and more

Can’t afford to get into those Black Friday deals? Well we’ve got some treats for your that won’t cost a thing.

But before we get into the tunes, let’s take a look back at the week. First off, if you haven’t yet heard The Weather Station’s Collective Arts Black Box session, you’re missing out. For the nostalgic types, check out our feature on Modest Mouse’s The Lonesome Crowded West album This Week in History. Lastly, don’t forget to check out our list of the most anticipated winter shows in Toronto!

Now onto the good stuff, here’s our favourite new indie songs of the week.

Billy Raffoul – “Difficult”

Leamington Ontario’s Billy Raffoul has made a big impression on audiences worldwide. After supporting Kaleo in Europe, the crooner has made a name for himself win such little time. His latest offering “Difficult” follows, “Dark Four Door” and “You Be Love”, (both of which he performed in the Collective Arts Black Box).

Dizzy – “Swim”

This buzz band also made Your First Listen this week, but it’s so good it’s worth all the praise it can get. The Oshawa band recently singed to Royal Mountain Records, sharing their second single “Swim” this week following “Stars and Moons.”

Bjork – “Claimstaker”

Icelandic superstar Bjork released her imaginative new album Utopia today. The entire album is worth a listen or 10, so here’s a mind-bending track to get you hooked, “Claimstaker”.

Sufjan Stevens – “The Greatest Gift”

Michigan indie folk artist Sufjan Stevens put out one of the year’s best albums Carrie & Lowell back in 2015, and today he’s shared it’s companion piece in the form of a new EP. The Greatest Gift mix-tape includes songs that were left out of the original album as well as remixes and demos.

Goodnight, Sunrise – “Remember Now”

Toronto-based trio Goodnight, Sunrise enlisted the help of producer Derek Hoffman (The Elwins, The Flatliners) for their brand new track “Remember Now” to give the song some “joyful optimistic energy,” and it certainly worked. Take a listen above!


Jim James – “The World Is Falling Down”

My Morning Jacket’s Jim James is preparing to release his all-cover album Tribute 2 this December, and released another great track this week. James decided to cover Abbey Lincoln’s 1990 song “The World Is Falling Down”, a not-so-subtle hint at the state of our current affairs.