Best New Indie: 6 Songs You Need To Discover This Week

Required weekly listening from Sloan, The Vaccines and more

How are you spending your weekend? With all the new music out there, how could you not take some time with your headphones and jam out to some of this week’s best new tracks?

On top of our favourite songs that we found this week, there’s also some great new albums out there from Preoccupations, George Ezra and of course an interesting (to say the least) new record from Jack White. Happy listening folks!


Unknown Mortal Orchestra – “Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays”

Kiwi psych-rock group Unknown Mortal Orchestra so far have been releasing consistently great new material from their upcoming record Sex & Food with the release of “American Guilt” and “Not In Love We’re Just High.” Today the group shared a third new single, “Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays.”

Dizzy – “Pretty Thing”

Over the last year, the group have been methodically releasing new material, biding their time as they soak up fans before they release a full album. Dizzy shared a new single “Pretty Thing” this week, following “Swim” and “Stars and Moons”.

Snail Mail – “Pristine”

It’s worth noting that 18-year-old indie-rock prodigy Lindsey Jordan is the mastermind the critically acclaimed group Snail Mail. Jordan and Co. have released their upcoming record’s first single, “Pristine,” and it’s a slice of indie rock perfection. The album Lush is due out in June.


Sloan – “44 Teenagers”

Will Sloan give away all the material from their forthcoming album 12? Maybe, but we’re not really complaining. Following “Right To Roam,” “Spin Our Wheels,” and “The Day Will Be Mine,” “44 Teenagers” is a slow-burning power pop track.


The Vaccines – “Your Love Is My Favourite Band”

The Vaccines have been sharing consistently fun new tracks in anticipation of their upcoming album Combat Sports due out next week. They’ve been teasing this one live for some time now, but shared it this week officially on streaming channels: listen and enjoy “Your Love Is My Favourite Band” above.

Boy Pablo – “Losing You”

If you’re a fan of Mac DeMarco then you will definitely like Boy Pablo. This up and comer offers a slightly more polished take on the jizz-jazz artists tuned-down bedroom rock in his latest single “Losing You,” as opposed to his last track “Everytime” that easily should have been a b-side of DeMarco’s 2.