Best New Indie: 8 Songs You Need to Discover This Week

Required Weekly Listening

The music community lost another icon this week; Tom Petty passed away at the age of 66 from cardiac arrest. Petty’s death put many beloved fans in mourning, including many of our favourite artists, who shared their own versions of his songs in tribute throughout the week.

As we remember the life of an incredible musician, we look to our favourite new artists and the work they are doing to keep our indie community thriving. In music news, it’s worth noting both Wolf Parade and Daphni have shared new albums this week, and we’d be remised if we didn’t tell you about The Rural Alberta Advantage’s incredible Collective Arts Black Box Session that came out as well.

Indie88 is also looking for the greatest alternative tracks of all time, and voting for Don’t Call it A Countdown closes tonight, so check that out here.

As for the rest, here are our picks for the best new indie tracks of the week:

Little Junior – “Accolades”

Little Junior are gearing up for the release of their John Angello (Dinosaur Jr./Sonic Youth) produced album next year. The power-punk group shared their second new single, “Accolades” this week. Listen above!

Chastity – “Chains”

Chastity’s new album Chains is set to release next week, on October 13th. The EP’s title track sees Whitby, Ontario’s Brandon Williams return to his noise-punk roots.


Featurette – “// BANG //”

Toronto’s indie-pop duo Featurette are following up their 2016 debut LP Crave with a fresh new track, “//Band//”. The song was conceived in an L.A. writing session that the band describes as “the most memorable two days of all of our lives”.



With only a few short weeks until The Rural Alberta Advantage release their new LP The Wild, the Toronto-based group have shared their latest upbeat roots rock track “Toughen Up” following “Brother” from earlier this summer.


Formerly known as Towers, new music project Day trip shared a “gritty and pretty” indie-infused rock track “Black Wolf” this week. Listen above!


Matt Holubowski – “The Weatherman”

Montreal-based Matt Holubowski shared a gorgeous new single this week, “The Weatherman (or, “the Felonies are Magnets on my Coat)”, following up from his 2016 album Solitudes.


U.S. Girls – “Mad As Hell”

Meg Remy aka U.S. Girls has been slowly working on the follow-up to her Polaris Prize-nominated album Half Free, releasing the first new music “Mad As Hell” this week.

Daphni – “Carry On”

Dan Snaith, aka Daphni aka Caribou, surprised fans when he released a new album, Joli Mai, this week. If you like what you hear above, check out the full album.