Best New Indie: 5 Songs You Need To Hear This Week

Required Weekly Listening

This week’s batch of new indie tunes features a new single from veterans Spoon and a number from Canadian favourites New Pornographers! A couple surprises came in the form of new tracks from Lana Del Rey and Hollerado, too.

Check out our selection of Best New Indie tracks from the week of February 20th:

Lana Del Rey – “Love”

With a new album expected to drop later this year, Lana Del Rey has recently released a music video for new single “Love.” The release of the song was followed by a mysterious popping up of cinematic posters featuring a photo of Del Rey and the name of this song around LA, hinting that Del Rey is up to something in the near future.

Spoon – “Can I Sit Next To You”

American indie-rock royalty Spoon has shared plans to release their ninth studio record this coming St. Patrick’s Day, Hot Thoughts. The announcement of the record was accompanied with the release of a flashy, psych-inspired track “Can I Sit Next To You.”

Tei Shi – “How Far”

“How Far” questions how relationships change people. Her lyrics picture a poisonous relationship where one finds pleasure in the other’s misfortune, “It pleases you to say you’re sorry when you’re not / It’s a dangerous slip of the tongue.” Tei Shi’s new album Crawl Space is due out March 31st.

The New Pornographers – “This Is The World of Theatre”

The wait for The New Pornographers’ new record is almost over and they have just shared “This Is the World of Theatre,” and the song is as majestic as it is catchy. The beloved Canadian band will release their follow-up to 2014’s Brill Bruisers, called Whiteout Conditions, on April 7.

Hollerado – “Grief Money”

Ottawa-born indie champs, Hollerado quietly dished out a punch new tune today, “Grief Money.” You may have caught the band performing the song if you’ve seen their recent shows. It’s an energetic, anthemic rock tune worth getting you in the mood to strut down the street in confidence.