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The 7 Best Pho Restaurants In Toronto (Including Vegetarian And Vegan Options)

Don’t Sleep On Toronto’s Wide Variety Of Pho Restaurants

This classic Vietnamese soup is one of the most savoury, warming foods on the planet. Hyperbole? We think not. These Pho Toronto restaurants combine vegetables with broth and meat (if you like) to create an experience that will comfort you from the inside out.

They offer vegan and vegetarian options, and most of them are totally open to your dietary adjustments. Practice your chopstick skills and let’s get slurping on some noodle soup with the best Pho places in Toronto!

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The 7 Best Pho Restaurants In Toronto

1) Pho Rùa Vàng Golden Turtle Restaurant

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Image: @goldenturtle.restaurant on Instagram

The Golden Turtle has some of the best Pho Toronto and area have to offer. They’re located at 125 Ossington, and serve straight-up Vietnamese dishes. One of their main attractions is the size of their soups and vermicelli dishes. Plus, their patio is perfect for this style of dining.

2) Pho Linh Vietnamese

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Image: @MarioLontoc on Google Maps.

This soup house makes sitting beside the window and watch people pass by while slurping noodles cool. They’re popular for their delicious pho broth, which makes it some of the best Pho Toronto has to offer. Plus, the rest of their Vietnamese classics are also worth the stop!

3) Pho House

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Image: @raingurl16 on Instagram

Pho House has two locations, and they both serve up modern and casual Vietnamese and Thai food. This Pho is among the best Toronto has, because of the broth, the environment, and the quick service. When you want your Pho, you want your Pho!

4) Pho Hung

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Image: @fork_knife on Instagram

Pho Hung Vietnamese Restaurant in Toronto has two locations: One in Chinatown Toronto, and one in Mississauga. They have amazing flavours and are a family-owned business. Because of this, they are very popular and have had to recently expand their business. No matter the location you choose, the dedication to the food is the same.

5) Pho Xe Lua

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Image: @jenuinetaste on Instagram

Pho Xe Lua serves traditional Vietnamese cuisine, with an emphasis on delicious Pho. This no-frills spot stays open late and serves reliably good Pho dishes. The noodle options are many, and it’s nice to be able to dine in such a spacious environment.

6) Saigon Lotus

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Image: @saigonlotustoronto on Instagram

Saigon Lotus has simple tables and also serves Thai food. Their exotic drink menu is robust, and their broth is outstanding. Plus, if you’re into vegetarian Pho, Toronto has this shining gem for you. It’s busy and popular for good reason!

7) Vit Beo

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Image: @vit.beo.to on Instagram

Vit Beo serves bowls of Pho and other lesser-known Vietnamese snacks and dishes. Their snug little counter is open late, and they serve an amazing vegan Banh Mi, as well. Their menu is small but mighty, and the starters are all packed with different unique flavours.

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