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The Best Pizza In Downtown Toronto (Top 5 Pizzerias)

Discover The Best Pizza Downtown Toronto Has To Offer

When it comes to the culinary delights of downtown Toronto, one thing is for sure: the city has no shortage of pizzerias that offer mouthwatering slices of heaven. Whether you’re a fan of classic Margheritas or crave unique and innovative toppings, Toronto’s pizza scene has something for everyone. Join us on a delicious journey as we uncover the top pizzerias in the heart of this vibrant city.

Toronto Has No Shortage of Perfect Pizzerias

best pizza downtown toronto
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Toronto’s love affair with pizza is legendary, and it’s certainly no surprise that the city boasts an array of pizzerias that excel in crafting perfect pies. From cozy family-owned joints to trendy urban eateries, Toronto’s pizza landscape offers an array of flavours and styles. Join us as we explore the rich tapestry of pizzerias that call this diverse metropolis home.

The Best Pizza In Downtown Toronto (Top 5 Pizzerias)

best pizza downtown toronto
Image: @pizzeriabadiali on Instagram

For pizza enthusiasts seeking the absolute best, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 pizzerias in downtown Toronto. These establishments have earned their place on this list through their commitment to quality, authenticity, and sheer deliciousness. Join us as we take you on a culinary tour of the finest pizza destinations in downtown Toronto.

#1) Maker Pizza Cameron: Authentic Flavours in the Heart of the City

best pizza downtown toronto
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Maker Pizza: They didn’t create the pizza; they made it the way it was meant to be made. Their passion is something you can taste, a passion they are proud to share. From the place where they craft it to the comfort of your own home, every pizza they create is freshly made and crafted to be the best you’ve ever had, consistently, every single time.

#2) Pizzeria Via Mercanti

best pizza downtown toronto
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With over four decades of experience in the industry, Via Mercanti stands as a family-run restaurant that takes immense pride in delivering an authentic Italian dining experience. Located in the vibrant heart of Toronto’s Kensington Market, the Via Mercanti team passionately pursues exceptional cuisine and the use of top-notch ingredients. They have rightfully earned their outstanding reputation by securing a place on Joanne Kates’ prestigious top 100 list, emerging victorious in Best in Chow’s acclaimed “Pizza Wars” competition, and appearing on the popular television series “You Gotta Eat Here!” Remarkably, they have also claimed the title of the best pizza in both Toronto and Ontario, firmly establishing their culinary excellence.

#3) Jz’s Pizza: A Slice of Italian Heaven in Downtown Toronto

best pizza downtown toronto
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With a collective experience spanning over 40 years in the restaurant industry, the three brothers behind Jz’s Pizza have channelled their expertise in Italian cuisine to establish a cozy spot in Toronto’s Entertainment District. This family-run business draws inspiration from cherished homemade recipes and prides itself on using the freshest, finest ingredients to craft the best Italian dishes in town. Jz’s Pizza specializes in gourmet pizzas, scrumptious pastas, hearty salads, and also authentic Italian appetizers, offering a diverse menu that caters to every palate. It’s a culinary destination where tradition and innovation come together.

#4) General Assembly Pizza: Where Innovation Meets Tradition

best pizza downtown toronto
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Since 2017, General Assembly Pizza has been on a mission to redefine pizza. Their approach? Start with 100% naturally leavened dough and add carefully sourced premium all-natural ingredients. Their menu is all about “Tradition reinvented,” offering a variety of pies to suit every taste. You can enjoy these signature pies in their stylish dining room, complete with cocktails, wine, and beer.

#5) Fresca Pizza Pasta: The Go-To for Gourmet Pizzas In Downtown Toronto

best pizza downtown toronto
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Fresca Pizza and Pasta, located at 302 College St. in Toronto, is a beloved local pizzeria owned by Vien and Lieu Huynh, immigrants from Vietnam. This cozy establishment attracts a diverse crowd, including university students as well as late-night diners, with its delicious slices. Offering classic pizza options like margherita and pepperoni, Fresca’s charm also lies in its history.  Previously known as Massimo’s, it was a College Street institution for 32 years, where Mr. Huynh honed his pizza-making skills.

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