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The 5 Best Pizza Shops In Hamilton – Deep Dish, Chicago Style, And Delivery

Don’t Overlook These Pizza Spots In Hamilton

Pizza has come a long way, baby. Gone are the days of boring pizza in a box costing you way too much money. Now, armed with this list of the best pizza in Hamilton, you can get some of the most creative pizza concoctions in town for a reasonable price. However, if you’re into old-fashioned traditional pizza… we’ve got you covered there as well.

From deep dish pizza in Hamilton to pizza delivery in Hamilton, here’s our choice of the best!

The Best Pizza In Hamilton [Our Top 5]

Baci Ristorante

pizza in hamilton
Image: @baciristorante on Instagram

Conveniently located in the Best Western Hotel, this upscale restaurant and pizza joint offers a wide range of seasonal Italian dishes.

While it may seem like an adult-only kinda place, Baci is actually great for the whole family, and super accommodating to kids as well as adults with special diets. The food, pizza, service, and all around experience is fantastic, and reviews are excellent.

Born & Raised

best pizza in hamilton
Image: @steeltownchowdown on Instagram

Born and Raised is open until 2 am every night, serving up great drinks, tasty food, and amazing pizza. The soft mozzarella appetizer is fantastic, and the pizza is baked in a wood oven, which is always a guarantee of flavour. There’s seating at the bar, so even if you don’t have a reservation, chances are they’ll be able to squeeze you in.

Chicago Style Pizza

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Image: @sophylovesfood on Instagram

When it comes to deep dish pizza in Hamilton, Chicago Style Pizza is where it’s at.

With a warm, casual atmosphere and a delicious range of Italian basics, pizza in Hamilton at Chicago Style will satisfy you deeply. The portions are generous, the vibe is wholesome, and the service is bright and fast.

Be careful though: Avid customers and regulars dream of this pizza and crave it when they can’t have it for extended periods of time. May create addictions.


best pizza in hamilton
Image: @foodkorma on Instagram

Martello is an Italian restaurant with some of the best pizza in Hamilton. It’s an interesting restaurant with fantastic pizza, friendly staff, and reasonable prices. When you consider the value you get at this popular pizza parlour in Hamilton, it makes their amazing-tasting pizza seem that much more enticing.

Their pizza is a must-try!

The Attic

best pizza in hamilton
Image: @theatticpizza on Instagram

The Attic Pizza Parlour serves up dynamite pizza in Hamilton. Hot, cheesy goodness with tons of flavour options will keep you fascinated and satisfied.

Located at 89 King St. E. in Stoney Creek, their pricing is comparable to budget pizza brands. The quality, however, is far superior. Their accommodating staff are a fan favourite of regulars. They’re always happy to make revisions to your order to suit dietary preferences.

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