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The Best Pizza In Toronto (Depending On Which Type Of Pie You Prefer)

Choosing The “Best” Pizza Is A Matter Of Perspective

It’s hard to choose the best pizza in Toronto.

Sometimes you feel like a bougie, pesto-and-olive-type pie. However, sometimes you feel like a straight-up slice of pepperoni without so much as a mushroom on it.

It really depends on what kind of a mood you’re in. Regardless of how you’re feeling though, these seven pizza joints will satisfy your craving for the best Toronto pizza.

The Best Pizza In Toronto (Depending On Which Type Of Pie You Prefer)

1) Slice Of Toronto – Best Classic Pizza

best pizza in toronto
Image: @slice_of_toronto on Instagram

Slice of Toronto offers up fantastic classic pizza, as well as coffee and other food too. Their crust is impeccably crunchy, the sauce obviously has some love and time put into it, and the overall pizza is cooked perfectly.

Definitely some of the best pizza in Toronto!

2) Descendant Pizza – Best Deep Dish Pie

best pizza in toronto
Image: @descendant_pizza on Instagram

This pizza almost looks like a lasagne, the dish is so deep.

Descendant Detroit Style Pizza has over 2,500 Google reviews, their crust is so amazing. These Motor-City inspired pies are served in tiny digs, with a distressed-chic vibe. Many reviews say that this is the best pizza in Toronto!

3) North of Brooklyn Pizzeria – Best Thin Crust 

best pizza in toronto
Image: @northofbrooklyn on Instagram

North of Brooklyn has a few locations to choose from, and they all deliver super high quality pie. You can check out their menu here, and also get the full info on their process and ingredients, which are outstanding!

They have healthy-ish pies, such as the Kale & Bacon, and they also have traditional classics like the Margherita. All around, however, they serve up some of the best thin slice pizza in Toronto.

4) Pizzeria Badiali – Best Gourmet Pizza

Image: @ pizzeriabadiali on Instagram

If you’re looking for fancy pizza in Toronto, Pizzeria Badiali is your spot. This neighbourhood slice shop is located in Toronto’s West End. It gives a humble nod to the New York classics, with carefully sourced, house-made ingredients.

Standards are high at Badiali, but keep in mind they’re closed Mondays and Tuesdays. Every other day they’re open until 10 pm.

5) Planta – Best Vegan Pizza

best pizza in toronto
Image: @planta on Instagram

With four locations in Toronto, Planta serves up some of the best vegan pizza the city has to offer! The locations are focused on consistency, which is always great.

Service is fast and friendly, and the food is incredible no matter what you order. Their vegan pizza is extra special, however. That’s why they have locations all over from South Florida to New York City.

6) Victory Pizza – Best Hawaiian Inspired Pie

best pizza in toronto
Image: @resto.holic on Instagram

This laid back haunt has a patio with a huge selection of craft beers and delicious wood-fired pizza. You can get a gluten free crust, which is amazing if you have to adhere to this restrictive diet.

A great go-to place when you have friends in town, Victory Cafe pizza does not disappoint – especially when it comes to their Hawaiian Pizza!

 7) Superpoint’s Pepperoni – Best By-The-Slice Pizzeria 

best pizza in toronto
Image: @ptrsnpizza on Instagram

Looking for a fantastic slice without the huge commitment of ordering the whole pie? Superpoint will not trigger any commitment issues, don’t worry. They serve up slices to go by day, and classic Italian fare by night. The pizza gets rave reviews, and the service is friendly. Basically everything you’d love to have in a pizza joint on top of the amazing pizza!

Oh, and don’t forget to try the mushroom pizza. They use oyster mushrooms, which is downright clutch.

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