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Best Places to Beat the Winter Blues

It happens to all of us: lack of Vitamin D, frigid temperature, and salt-stained Uggs get us down during the winter. For those of us who especially dislike the winter (hate is a strong word), it’s important to do whatever you can to escape the winter blahs. Here are some places that will help you get over those winter blues, and even start to trick you into thinking that summer is still here.

For those of you who never partied here when you were 11 years old, Beach Blast is an indoor/outdoor 50,000 square foot sandbox of volleyball courts. Pull off that sweater, put on your summer bling and organize a tourney. Bonus: they’re open 24 hours a day. Late night match-up? Sure.

If you’re bummed about the snow invading your mini ramp, check out Joyride150 in Markham. The indoor bike park has 10,000 square feet of space to do all the hops, spins, and tail whips you desire.


(Photo by: Patrick via Flickr)

Right by Queen and Beverly Street, the 20-yard indoor pool is good for a family summer affair all year round. They even have showers to get you ready to step back into the cold winter.

If exercising to escape the winter breeze isn’t your thing, maybe you’ll enjoy tasting some of the best summer-like cocktails in Toronto. Kensington Market’s hidden gem, Cold Tea, boils up some of the best in town. Their back patio is even heated to keep up the summertime illusion.

Named after comedic legend Bill Hicks, this new tiki-dive bar that moved in to Leslieville is another boozy paradise to beat the freeze. The tiny (like, really tiny) space will keep you warm and sweaty just like summer, the only thing missing is sand. The best part? PBR is $3, with other brews available for under 5 bucks.

An Indoor Ferris wheel. Need I say more? Open all year long, this indoor amusement park in Etobicoke is the perfect place to forget about the polar conditions.

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