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The Best Places To Live In Toronto According To Your Favorite Food


7 Fantastic Places To Pick From Based On Your Favourite Food

The food offerings in Toronto are so diverse and delicious, it’s really hard to not spend all your money eating out these days. I mean, YOLO… right? In fact, the best places to live in Toronto can even be determined by what you like to eat.

So if you, like us, take your dining so seriously that you’d consider moving neighbourhoods just to be closer to your favourite food, dig in to this article and enjoy.

1) The Annex

best places to live in toronto
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Great for those who love college towns, The Annex area is full of bars & restaurants. Because of this, it’s always easy to find good eats in this neighbourhood. Add to that the quintessential vibe that comes with a college town, and you’ve got an upbeat, casual experience to look forward to… coupled with some really exceptional dining.

One of the best neighbourhoods in Toronto, The Annex hosts restaurants like Playa Cabana, Rose and Sons, Guu Sake Bar, Kenzo Ramen, and enough sushi joints to keep you exploring for months.

2) Cabbagetown

best places to live in toronto
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Surprise! Cabbagetown has much more to offer than just cabbage. This eclectic area has small town vibes with plenty of Irish and non-Irish themed restaurants.

Cabbagetown is a community in the heart of Toronto with loads of fabulous restaurants, arts and culture, and dance theatres. The restaurants include Irish-themed offerings like Stout Irish Pub, as well as spots like Citrus, House on Parliament, and The Blake House.

Here’s a list of the top ten restaurants in Cabbagetown for your dining pleasure.

3) Danforth-Greektown

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Well known for its “Taste of Danforth Festival” held in August, this strip of Danforth has evolved into a diverse centre of multicultural cuisine. There are plenty of restaurants, but we’d more recommend the area for more laidback and low-key bars.

You can have your pick of amazing Greek food along Danforth Avenue. While Mezes is definitely a town favourite, you can also book a guided tour to explore the other options.

There are loads of Greek restaurants, cafes, and pastry shops. Plus, if culture and architecture are your jam, you’ll love the buildings in this area, some which date back to as early as 1910.

4) High Park North

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A fantastic place for those who want a quieter experience with a large park, High Park is one of Toronto’s most historic, green, and vibrant communities.

It’s chock-full of laid back cafes like the Clover Leaf and The Grenadier Cafe. Tou can also get amazing Mexican at Aztec’s Mine, and Italian at Vivo Pizza and Pasta.

All in all, if you’re looking for the best places to live in Toronto based on food, you’ll get a more quiet and natural experience here in High Park.

5) Little India

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Little India is rich in both food offerings and cultural experiences. With top quality, authentic Indian cuisine and quaint but powerful dining, this is a must among the best places to live in Toronto if you love Indian food.

Among your options are Bombay Chowpatty streetfood, Little India Restaurant, and The New Famous Indian Cuisine.

6) Yonge & Eglinton

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A popular spot among young Irish & British workers, Yonge–Eglinton is in one of the four central business districts outside Downtown Toronto.

The area is among the best places to live in Toronto partly because it boasts a wide selection of boutiques and restaurants. Trendy and modern, Yonge & Eglinton is known for stellar shopping and casual dining options. You’ve got top-rated ramen and taco restaurants within walking distance, as well as multicultural bistros and gastropubs.

Basically, if you have a wide variety of tastes and like to mix it up, ‘Yonge and Eg’ is a foodie’s paradise with loads of affordable options and a different culinary experience every time you eat there.

7) Yorkville

best places to live in toronto
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Yorkville is bursting with high-end fashion, hotels, restaurants, and plenty of places to sip cocktails. As a top destination for affluent shoppers, the boutiques, galleries, and design studios featured here are second to none.

Plus, the food options are amazing! Chic cafes, polished bars, and plenty of fine-dining sets Yorkville apart as one of the best places to live in Toronto… if you can afford it.

During the Toronto International Film Festival, try to dine at some of the fancier hotels and chances are good you’ll catch some celebs out enjoying the food as well!

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