Best Places to Use Your GoPro this Summer

The ultimate summer documentary

The Era of the GoPro is an ongoing epidemic that ranges from extreme bungee jumping to the seventh ring of hell, known as IKEA. No matter your lifestyle, there’s always something worth documenting. Here are some places to help you make the ultimate summer GoPro vid:


This is indie88! We put music first! Strap the GoPro onto your body or hold it tight and jump into that sweaty sea of people and swim through, whether at a club like Sound Academy or a summer festival.

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Located on a farm just outside of Guelph, The Donkey Sanctuary is home to donkeys that have been abused, mistreated or abandoned. For any amateaur filmmaker, it would be an incredibly beautiful opportunity to get up close with the wildlife and tell their story. This is also where Constantines frontman Bry Webb documented his “Prove Me Wrong” music video.




Throughout the glorious forests of Ontario, there are plenty of ziplines or Swiss Family Robinson style balance log , traverses, nets and wood bridges that invite you to get your Tarzan on. Some of these are located only 20-minutes from downtown Toronto.



Hit up Canada’s Wonderland or The Ex this summer and wait the extra 15 minutes in line for the front seats. The panic-inducing footage won’t be half as awesome as it is to hear your friend scream-crying after.




Collingwood and the Bruce Peninsula have plenty of deep caves that are open to the public for year round spelunking and exploration. Strap that little device onto your helmet and do what James Franco couldn’t.

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Ignore everything that TLC told you. We recently published a list of countless hiking trails that unveil glorious natural wonders. Go swimming or cliff jumping and create your own little film, Spielberg!

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(Photo by Charina Duenas)