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The Best Restaurants In Edmonton [Top 7]

Edmonton Has Several Must-See Spots For Foodies

Discover Edmonton’s vibrant food scene with a tour of its best restaurants. From trendy bistros to ethnic eateries, explore a diverse array of dining experiences that will satisfy every food lover’s palate.

The Best Restaurants In Edmonton [Top 7]

Explore the top culinary destinations in Edmonton with our curated list of the city’s finest restaurants. These seven restaurants offer exceptional cuisine and memorable dining experiences that should not be missed.

1) DaDeO

best restaurants edmonton
Image: @dadeorestaurant on Instagram

DaDeO New Orleans Diner & Bar strives to capture the delightful variety of authentic Cajun cooking while providing its patrons with an exciting taste of New Orleans in a retro 50’s style diner. The restaurant features vinyl booths lining the walls, mini-jukes at each of the tables, and also an ambience filled with great music. Whether a customer is craving a Po’boy, some Jambalaya, or a slice of Key Lime pie, the establishment certainly offers something to suit all tastes.

2) Vaticano Cucina

best restaurants edmonton
Image: @foodiehipster on Instagram

Vaticano Cucina has swiftly earned a stellar reputation as the city’s premier Italian restaurant. Situated on Gateway Boulevard in the former Koutouki Taverna space, the restaurant lives up to its saintly name with a prominent, brightly lit LED sign. Vaticano Cucina specializes in Italian cuisine, emphasizing top-quality dishes with impeccable presentation. Its consistent excellence has markedly fuelled rapid success in just a few months, all at remarkably affordable prices. What sets dining at Vaticano Cucina apart is its dedication to crafting nearly everything by hand, from classic spaghetti to unique pasta cuts like Garganelli and more.

3) YEG Burger

best restaurants edmonton
Image: @yeg_burger on Instagram

YEG Burger, established in 2017, has swiftly become a cherished destination for burger enthusiasts in Edmonton, including those seeking Halal options. In 2019, it gained recognition as one of Canada’s top 50 burger spots, showcasing its commitment to exceptional quality. Their homemade fries are undoubtedly a must-try alongside their delicious burger selection. This establishment has firmly established itself as a go-to spot for those seeking a satisfying burger experience in the city.


best restaurants edmonton
Image: @krispybites on Instagram

In 2013, Chef Blair Lebsack and Caitlin Fulton turned their dream into reality with the opening of RGE RD, inspired by a series of farm dinners in Central Alberta. This restaurant places a strong emphasis on wood fire cookery and whole animal butchery, celebrating the prairie’s flavours with a blend of traditional and contemporary techniques. They support local farms and partners, showcasing their hard work and dedication. Through responsible ingredient sourcing, they create delicious, sustainable cuisine, certainly making RGE RD a sensory feast and an invitation to venture off the beaten path.

5) Biera

best restaurants edmonton
Image: @biera_yeg on Instagram

Biera, part of the Blind Enthusiasm Brewing Company, is an award-winning restaurant pairing unique plates with beer brewed in-house. Chef Christine Sandford has devised an award-winning, creative menu inspired by European bistro fare, while head brewer Rob Monk makes delicately balanced beers to match the food and satisfy any beer drinker.

6) Normand’s Restaurant

best restaurants edmonton
Image: @normands_yeg on Instagram

Normand Campbell is a hands-on kind of guy. Thus, he’s often found serving tables, running the kitchen, and greeting guests in his restaurant. In November, Normand’s shifts its focus to game dishes, featuring tantalizing options like wild boar rack with grainy mustard glaze, braised rabbit with dijon cream sauce, and musk ox shanks braised with whiskey. This tradition draws inspiration from France, where it’s customary to feature game on the menu in November. Normand’s restaurant also offers unique specials like Mussel Mondays and has a strong online presence for reservations. But above all, it’s the delicious game month offerings that make Normand’s a must-visit destination.

7) Clementine

best restaurants edmonton
Image: @barclementine on Instagram

Clementine opened in 2016 with a mission to elevate the city’s food and drink scene. Inspired by nature and early 20th-century French Art Nouveau, Clementine’s cocktail menu embraces classical bartending foundations. Their wine list showcases natural wines from small, family-run vineyards, respecting each terroir’s unique story. The food menu emphasizes sharing and snacking, thus making it a perfect complement to their libations. Clementine welcomes all visitors without reservations, offering a warm and inclusive atmosphere.

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