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The Best Restaurants In Etobicoke (10 Places We Love)

Where is Etobicoke?

Before starting to explore the best restaurants in Etobicoke, you might want to know where exactly that is.

Etobicoke is a district located in the western part of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is one of the former municipalities that were merged into the city of Toronto in 1998. Etobicoke borders Lake Ontario to the south, the Humber River to the east, and the city of Mississauga to the west.

This charming area of Toronto is is a diverse and populous area with residential, commercial, and industrial areas, as well as a mix of urban and suburban neighbourhoods.

Why You Should Visit Etobicoke Sometime Soon

best restaurants in etobicoke
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Etobicoke offers a vibrant and diverse culinary scene, making it a great destination for food enthusiasts. Here’s why you should consider visiting Etobicoke for its restaurants:

  1. Culinary Diversity: Etobicoke boasts a wide range of culinary options representing various cuisines from around the world. Whether you’re craving Italian, Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American, or classic North American fare, you’ll find it all in this district.
  2. Local Flavours: Etobicoke has a growing number of locally-owned and operated eateries that prioritize using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. This focus on supporting local producers contributes to the authenticity and quality of the dining experience.
  3. Waterfront Dining: With its proximity to Lake Ontario, you can enjoy picturesque waterfront dining in many areas of Etobicoke. Restaurants with lakefront views offer a unique ambiance that enhances your dining experience.
  4. Casual and Fine Dining: The best restaurants in Etobicoke offer a mix of casual and fine dining options. Further, they cater to various preferences and occasions. Whether you’re looking for a laid-back atmosphere or a more upscale dining experience, you’ll find suitable options.


  1. International Cuisine: Etobicoke is known for its diverse population, which is reflected in its culinary offerings. You can embark on a global culinary journey without leaving the district, exploring authentic dishes from different cultures.
  2. Food Festivals: Etobicoke hosts various food festivals and events throughout the year, celebrating different cuisines and flavours. Additionally, these events provide a fantastic opportunity to indulge in a variety of dishes and engage with the local food community.
  3. Hidden Gems: Some of the best dining experiences can be found in the lesser-known corners of a city. Etobicoke is no exception, with hidden gems tucked away in neighbourhoods that might not be on the typical tourist radar.
  4. Easy Access: Etobicoke’s central location within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) makes it easily accessible for both locals and visitors. Whether you’re driving, taking public transportation, or using ride-share services, reaching Etobicoke’s restaurants is convenient.
  5. Family-Friendly Options: Many restaurants in Etobicoke are family-friendly, offering kid-friendly menus and comfortable environments for families to enjoy a meal together.
  6. Community Atmosphere: Etobicoke’s dining scene is often characterized by a friendly and welcoming community atmosphere. Whether you’re dining with friends, family, or solo, you’re likely to feel at home in the local eateries.

From trendy cafes and bistros to ethnic eateries and upscale dining establishments, Etobicoke has so much to offer. Whether you’re a foodie seeking new flavours or someone who simply enjoys good food in a diverse setting, the best restaurants in Etobicoke are well worth exploring.

The Best Restaurants In Etobicoke (10 Places We Love)

best restaurants in etobicoke
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#1) Moxies Dixon Road Restaurant

best restaurants in etobicoke
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Moxie’s Dixon Road offers a dynamic dining experience in Etobicoke. They offer a diverse menu spanning from classic comfort food to contemporary dishes, a vibrant atmosphere, and attentive service. Because of this, Moxie’s is a must-visit destination for both locals and visitors looking for a good meal and a good time.

#2) LaVinia Restaurant

best restaurants in etobicoke
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Chef Fernando Garcia, trained at Lausanne Cooking Academy, presents Spanish delights at Toronto’s LaVinia. The lakeside spot offers tapas like Piquilo Peppers Stuffed with Seafood Mousse and Anisete Cream, plus paellas, Basque Style Codfish Stew, and meats. Open Tuesday to Saturday for dinner, it’s a taste of Spain by the water. Because of their authenticity, they’re one of the best restaurants in Etobicoke.

#3) The Keg Steakhouse + Bar

best restaurants in etobicoke
Image: @thekegsteakhouse on Instagram

Nestled in Etobicoke, The Keg Steakhouse + Bar stands as one of the best restaurants Etobicoke has to offer. Its alluring atmosphere, diverse wine selection, and delectable steak offerings ensure an unforgettable visit. Whether sipping on a glass of wine or savouring their steak, patrons are in for an extraordinary dining experience.

#4) Edomae Kiyomi – Tempura Bar

best restaurants in etobicoke
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Edomae Kiyomi Tempura Bar, a hidden treasure in Etobicoke, offers unique dining and delicious food. With a focus on the art of tempura, patrons relish meticulously crafted bites that blend tradition and innovation. Immerse yourself in a culinary experience where each crispy delicacy unveils a symphony of flavours.

#5) Eggspectation

best restaurants in etobicoke
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Eggspectation shines as one of Etobicoke’s finest due to its extensive menu. From artisanal brioche and fluffy pancakes to omelettes, seafood, and the renowned Eggs Benedict, choices abound. With a global presence of nearly thirty locations, Eggspectation’s reputation for excellence and international growth solidifies its status as a local standout.

#6) Sushi-Ya Japanese

best restaurants in etobicoke
Image: @sushiyajapan_dixon on Instagram

Sushi-Ya Japanese in Etobicoke is a culinary gem of high quality and good taste. Discover their artful use of fresh ingredients and inventive sushi creations that cater to every palate. Offering a genuine Japanese dining experience, it’s the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Because of this, each visit is memorable and fun.

#7) ViBo

best restaurants in etobicoke
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ViBo entices as an epicurean haven in Etobicoke. With culinary mastery, it weaves a tapestry of flavours, from classic to contemporary. Savour meticulously crafted dishes amidst a chic ambiance. ViBo’s gastronomic prowess elevates every bite, making it an essential destination for those who crave culinary artistry.

Because of all of this, ViBo is one of the best restaurants in Etobicoke.

#8) Chop Steakhouse & Bar

best restaurants in etobicoke
Image: @foodielok on Instagram

With a legacy spanning fifteen years in community service, Chop introduces handcrafted delicacies, signature drinks, and genuine hospitality. Enjoyed across 17 Canadian locations, Executive Chef Stephen Clark orchestrates culinary odysseys, marked by curiosity, experimentation, and an unwavering commitment to the dining craft.

Their affection for food goes beyond love; it’s a lifestyle.

#9) Joey Sherway

best restaurants in etobicoke
Image: @joeyrestaurants on Instagram

Discover JOEY Sherway in Toronto, known for its modern industrial charm and rooftop patio. Savor Executive Chef Dylan Beneteau’s culinary artistry, ranging from innovative cocktails to delectable dishes. Experience a memorable dining journey that combines ambiance and exceptional cuisine, making JOEY Sherway a sure fit for one of the best restaurants in Etobicoke.

#10) Prince Japanese Steak House

best restaurants in etobicoke
Image: @poynter.marcsman on Instagram

Sizzling from the grill to your plate, Teppanyaki cooking – “teppan” meaning iron plate and “yaki” signifying stir-fry in Japanese – made its North American debut with Hiroaki Aoki’s ‘Benihana’ in NYC, 1964.

The Prince Steakhouse recreates this culinary excitement, offering beef, seafood, and chicken cooked by skilled Japanese chefs. Delight in the entertaining cooking process, a true Japanese dining experience.

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