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Tasting The Best Shawarma In Mississauga (Top 5 Picks)

Reasons Why We Love Shawarma

Some of the best shawarma is in Mississauga and there are several compelling reasons why people around the world love shawarma:

  1. Flavourful Marination: Shawarma meat is marinated with a blend of spices, herbs, and seasonings, creating a burst of flavours that tantalize the taste buds.
  2. Variety of Choices: Shawarma can be made with various meats, including chicken, beef, lamb, or even vegetarian options like falafel, offering something for everyone.
  3. Versatile Serving Styles: Shawarma can be enjoyed in wraps, sandwiches, on platters, or over rice, catering to different preferences and occasions.
  4. Fresh Ingredients: Quality ingredients like fresh vegetables, tahini sauce, and pita bread complement the meat, enhancing the overall taste.
  5. Cultural Experience: Eating Shawarma provides a taste of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cultures, making it a unique culinary experience.
  6. Quick and Convenient: Shawarma is often served fast-casual style, making it a convenient choice for on-the-go meals.
  7. Healthier Option: Lean meats and plenty of vegetables make Shawarma a relatively healthier fast food option compared to others.
  8. Social Dining: Sharing a Shawarma meal with friends and family fosters a communal dining experience.
  9. Nostalgia: For many, Shawarma is a taste of nostalgia, reminiscent of travels or fond memories associated with the dish.
  10. Global Appeal: Shawarma’s widespread popularity has made it accessible worldwide, ensuring that people from various backgrounds can enjoy its deliciousness.

Are There A Lot Of Shawarma Restaurants In Mississauga?

best shawarma mississauga
Image: @shawarmaboxwatline on Instagram

Mississauga features numerous restaurants offering this Middle Eastern favourite, contributing to its thriving Shawarma scene. The city’s diverse culinary landscape ensures plenty of options for Shawarma enthusiasts. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, indulging in Shawarma here promises a delightful experience with the flavours of the Middle East.

The Best Shawarma In Mississauga (Top 5 Picks)

best shawarma mississauga
Image: @shawarmaboxwatline on Instagram

Of the many to choose from, here are our top picks:

#1) Mr. Zargos

best restaurants in richmond hill
Image: @mrzagroscanada on Instagram

For those on the quest for the best Shawarma in town, Mr. Zagros is the ultimate destination. Their Middle Eastern-inspired menu offers a variety of classic dishes, from the flavourful Chicken and Beef Shawarma Wraps to succulent Lamb Chops and traditional Turkish Kababs. Vegetarians can savor crispy Falafel options, while meat lovers can indulge in Beef Shish Kababs and the delectable Chicken and Beef Doner Sandwiches. Mr. Zagros is also known for its commitment to serving the finest Halal food, ensuring a satisfying and authentic dining experience. Discover the captivating flavours of the Middle East at Mr. Zagros, your go-to Shawarma spot.

#2) Lezzet Shawarma Falafel House

best restaurants in richmond hill
Image: @lezzetshawarma on Instagram

Lezzet Shawarma is a family-owned and operated fast-casual restaurant, serving high-quality homestyle cooking since 2007. Their dedicated staff offers a warm welcome and a smile to every guest. With a carefully chosen menu of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes, Lezzet Shawarma takes pride in preparing each item with the same care as a family would. The kitchen prepares everything on the menu freshly throughout the day, from hummus at lunch to steak shawarma platters for dinner. Come and enjoy their delicious offerings, served with a welcoming spirit.

#3) Shawarma Alzaeem

best restaurants in richmond hill
Image: @burlyfeeds on Instagram

At Shawarma Alzaeem, diners can embark on a culinary journey through Syrian-style platters while basking in a classical ambience. The restaurant’s exceptional team of chefs and servers actively commit to creating a memorable dining experience. Shawarma Alzaeem offers the ideal setting for any occasion, whether it’s an intimate dinner, a casual lunch, or a large family gathering. Guests can actively savour their delectable dishes and allow the restaurant to actively create lasting memories during their visit.

#4) Original Shawarma

best restaurants in richmond hill
Image: @originalshawarma.ca on Instagram

Original Shawarma offers an authentic HALAL Shawarma experience with responsibly sourced meats and fresh ingredients. Their Lamb Saj, featuring garlic sauce, pickles, onions, tomato, and pomegranate molasses, stands out with its balanced flavours. Served on Saj bread, this Shawarma is a unique and delicious choice. They also offer various options like pita bread, buns, rice, and fries to cater to diverse tastes, making Original Shawarma a must-try for Shawarma enthusiasts.

#5) Shawarma Royale

best shawarma mississauga
Image: @shawarmaroyalecanada on Instagram

Founder Mohammed Roumia, with over 30 years of industry experience, leads Shawarma Royale in its commitment to bringing the authentic Syrian shawarma tradition to Canada. The brand’s journey began in an underground hideaway in Waterloo, Ontario, quickly earning a reputation for top-quality food and exceptional service. Now, with 13 locations across the Greater Toronto Area and plans for further expansion, Shawarma Royale continues to prioritize using fresh ingredients and maintaining high standards in serving shawarma. Their goal is to become a national brand, sharing their love for shawarma with food enthusiasts throughout Canada. Customers can expect delicious chicken, veal, and lamb dishes, served with genuine hospitality and pride in their work. Shawarma Royale is on the path to success, with an ever-growing commitment to excellence.

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