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Best Skate and Bike Parks in Toronto

For those growing up in the ‘burbs, many are the days spent coasting around time looking for empty pools to tear up. Luckily for us, Torontonians have the luxury of parks built specifically for skating, and BMXing. If you’re getting bored of your mini ramp in your friends backyard, or are looking for some new surfaces to tear up, here are some of the parks that reign supreme in our fair city.

Ashbridges Bay Park

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With a ringing endorsement from one Yelp reviewer, Ashbridges Bay Park is spot that you have to check out if you’re serious about your skating. The concrete is beautifully smooth for a nice clean ride with no cracks ready to rip up your groove.

Markham Centennial Skatepark

If you’re willing to do some driving to your skate destination, Markham’s Skatepark will leave you happy and probably pretty tired. With a large amount of space, it won’t have you waiting your turn very long. The bowl alone makes it well worth the trip.

Vanderhoof Skatepark

If you’re looking for a deep bowl, look no further than Vanderhoof Skatepark. Located in Leonard Linton Park, just south of Eglinton Ave E., you can tear up their 5 to 9 foot deep U-shaped bowl. The added pool coping in the deep-end and a over-vert cradle make this destination a go-to for the more experienced skaters.

Skate Loft

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Skate Loft is Toronto’s only indoor skate park, located at 6 Curity Ave just north of St. Clair East and O’Connor. Channel your inner Tony Hawk Pro Skater II with this hangar-style park, with a complex set up including a fare share of ramps, rails and boxjumps.

Eight Street Skate Park

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For the West-enders, Eight Street Skate Park in Etobicoke is the perfect place for beginnings to get their skate legs. Wave Ramps, quarter pipes and plenty of open space make it a sought after park for all ages.

Underpass Park

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Probably Toronto’s most stylish park, Underpass Park (located at 100-124 Bayview Ave)is a hotspot for photographers, basketball aficionados, and car buffs looking for places to show off their whips. It also happens to have a small skate park built in. With concrete boxes and plenty of edges, it’s the perfect spot to hit up when the rain comes pouring down.

East York Skate Park

This is a small community park that has plenty of options. You can shred the bowl, try a few new lines working up to a stair set, or do your best Lords of Dogtown on the wave. Though there’s no actual rule, it seems like shirts are not allowed to be worn at this location.

Dufferin Grove

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When summer is here, they throw the rink pads on and turn one of your favourite places to play shinny into a beloved park. It’s not exactly the biggest place to go and it doesn’t have the most equipment but it’s downtown locale makes Dufferin Grove a very popular choice.

Wallace Emmerson Park

One of Toronto’s newer additions, this skatepark located behind the Galleria Shopping Centre is a must-go for BMXers and Toronto’s more experienced skaters. Metal ramps with easy flow and steep spines and all make for an prime location to practice those tricks that require heavy hang-time.

Joyride 150

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Whatever you want, Joyride 150‘s got it. While it’s not free, this massive indoor warehouse is paradise for bikers, BMXers and MTBers alike. Ramps, paths and pipes make for the most fun you can have on your bike indoors. They also offer lessons, can host birthday parties and host after school programs.

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