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Best Songs To Wake Up To (Part 2)

Mornings can be hard, we get it. Some lucky people have the ability to rise out of bed like a vampire after a long sleep, ready to take on the day — while the rest of us hit the snooze button thirty times before we can open our eyes. For those of you who find it a challenge to wake up, here are a number of great indie tracks that will help brighten your morning, and ease the waking process.

“Mr. Brightside” – The Killers

The little guitar riff at the begging of “Mr. Brightside” is kind of like an alarm clock, only one that you could listen to over and over again.

“Rehab” – Amy Winehouse

There’s nothing like Amy Winehouse’s soulful voice to get your moving first thing in the morning.

“Needle” – Born Ruffians

Born Ruffians’ “Needle” is the perfect song to set as an alarm. The soft mix of vocals and guitar in the intro will lull you out of your slumber, then you’ll get a boost of energy once those drums kick in.

“Pink Moon” – Nick Drake

Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon” pairs perfectly with a hot cup of coffee on a rainy day. Wake up and smell the music!

“Two Weeks” – Grizzly Bear

Hop out of bed and shake off that morning wooziness with the hypnotic melodies from Grizzly Bear.

“Simple Song” – The Shins

Just a simple song to help raise your spirits on an early morning!

“At Dawn” – My Morning Jacket

The soft instrumental intro to this song is perfect for bringing you safely out of a deep sleep. Such as the title suggests, Jim James’ voice is like a rising sun over a horizon, perfect for getting ready for an easy morning.


“Step” – Vampire Weekend

This is the kind of song you’d expect to hear in the background of a slow morning scene in an indie film. Take your first step of the day with this modern classic from Vampire Weekend.

“In the Morning” – Built To Spill

Kick out the dust from your brains from veteran indie rockers Built To Spill!

“Do I Wanna Know?” – Arctic Monkeys

Wake up motivated and ready to take on the day with this driving single from UK’s Arctic Monkeys.

“Wakin’ on A Pretty Day” – Kurt Vile

Pretty self-explanitory! Kurt Vile knows a thing or two about easy mornings!

“1904” – Tallest Man On Earth

Tallest Man On Earth has one of the most evoking voices in folk, so there’s no question the fantastic “1904” will bring a ray of sunshine to your otherwise dreary Monday morning.

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