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The Best Sushi In Calgary (Our Top 5 Picks)

Slide Into Calgary’s Fresh And Authentic Sushi

Discover the best sushi in Calgary, a fusion of freshness and tradition. Whether you want to immerse yourself in diverse handcrafted rolls, or sashimi, and nigiri prepared by skilled chefs, this list has your back.

Further, regardless if you’re a sushi aficionado or newcomer, Calgary offers flavours for every palate. Experience expert artistry as ocean-fresh seafood is transformed into edible masterpieces.

Elevate your dining experience in Calgary’s vibrant sushi scene, which is just as fresh as it is cool.

The Best Sushi Restaurants In Calgary

best sushi in Calgary
Image: @azrieldalman on Instagram

1) Sho Sushi Bar & Kitchen

best sushi in Calgary
Image: @sho.sushi on Instagram

Sho Sushi in Calgary offers an inviting blend of Japanese and contemporary design. With a commitment to consistency and customer satisfaction, their menu, including Pressed Ebi Sushi and Cajun Pork Cheek, showcases both tradition and innovation.

Further, this spot is praised by food writers. Everyone thinks it’s a top choice for exceptional sushi in a welcoming atmosphere!

2) Big Catch Sushi Bar

best sushi in Calgary
Image: @bigcatchcalgary on Instagram

Discover Big Catch Sushi Bar’s unique fusion of authentic and contemporary flavours. Open for dine-in Thursdays to Sundays, 4:30 pm – 8:30 pm, they’re hands-down some of the best sushi in Calgary.

This spot is known for oshizushi, which is a delicious prep method made by pressing ingredients in a wooden box. Worth a try, for sure!

3) Sushi Bar Zipang

best sushi in Calgary
Image by Sushi Bar Zipang on facebook.com

Zipang is a Calgary gem, renowned for its authentic and traditional Japanese cuisine. With 15+ years of experience, their commitment to quality shines through their “cleanest cuts in the city.” Further, they offer both dine-in and takeout options.

Located in Bridgeland, Zipang creates an inviting space to relish sushi, sashimi, and more. This dedication to excellence cements their status as a top sushi destination in Calgary.

4) Ari Sushi

best sushi in Calgary
Image: @ari_sushi_calgary on Instagram

Ari Sushi in Inglewood, Calgary, stands out as a prime sushi destination because of its authenticity and experienced head chef, Mike Hakjin Kim. With 18 years of expertise, Chef Kim’s background at JW-Marriott’s Japanese Restaurant reflects in his commitment to freshness and quality.

Every ingredient is prepared with care, ensuring an ideal dining experience. Ari Sushi’s dedication to excellence cements its reputation as some of Calgary’s best sushi.

5) Fuji Ramen and Sushi

best sushi in Calgary
Image: @fujiramenandsushi on Instagram

Fuji Ramen and Sushi sets itself apart in Calgary with a compelling culinary narrative. Founded by Benjamin Ang, the restaurant however isn’t just about exquisite food. They also foster a sense of community and belonging.

Maria Hunter, co-owner, and Head Chef Oryus lead a collaborative team that ensures top-quality dishes. Further, their dedication, combined with customer support, has established Fuji Ramen and Sushi as a standout family-owned destination.

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