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Finding The Best Sushi In Markham (Top 6 Picks In 2024)

Stopping Through Markham? Leave Some Time To Grab A Bite

If you find yourself passing through, make sure to carve out some time for a culinary treat. Markham boasts a thriving culinary scene with numerous sushi establishments to explore. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to savour some of the best sushi in town, making it a must-do on your stopover agenda.

Finding The Best Sushi In Markham (Top 6 Picks)

Image: @mainsushimarkham on Instagram

Explore our top six picks to discover the finest sushi experiences in Markham:

#1) Markham Sushi

Image: Markham Sushi Google reviews

Discover Markham Sushi, a local favourite known for its warm hospitality and an enticing selection of classic sushi rolls, sashimi, and bento boxes. Every visit promises impeccably fresh fish, ensuring a delightful culinary experience. From donburi to a la carte options, Markham Sushi offers wallet-friendly Japanese cuisine, including sashimi, hand rolls, and delectable sushi. Other offerings include delightful tempura, teriyaki, and speciality rolls. The intimate setting and friendly staff make it a must-visit destination.

#2) Mi-Ne Sushi

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Mi-Ne Sushi offers takeout and delivery services to enjoy sushi from home. Whether you’re in Markham or Richmond Hill, you can have your favourite sushi combo lunch or bento boxes in no time. This restaurant is perfect for family and friends craving Japanese dishes without the need to wait in line for too long. Mi-Ne has plenty of great bento boxes and lunch specials available for takeout, plus plenty of awesome signature maki rolls.

#3) Osaka Sushi

best sushi in markham
Image: @eatwithjessandjohn on Instagram

Osaka Sushi is a Japanese restaurant that offers a diverse menu featuring fresh and delicate sushi, sashimi, teriyaki, tempura, udon-type noodles, and much more. Their impeccably prepared sushi and delectable dishes are just a phone call away, and you can explore their entire menu on their website. In case you need a copy of the take-out menu, it’s readily available for download. This establishment also offers a delightful fusion experience, allowing you to savour sushi rolls alongside Korean delights like Japchae or Bulgogi. With an extensive selection of special rolls and various cooked dishes, such as udon noodles and donburi, Osaka Sushi caters to diverse tastes.

#4) Araya Sushi

best sushi in markham
Image: @araya_sushi on Instagram

Araya Sushi, a beloved Japanese-Korean restaurant cherished by both locals and visitors, seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary dining. Offering an array of delightful dishes, from Chef’s special rolls to a vibrant nigiri selection, each creation is meticulously crafted with passion and precision. Whether you opt for dining in or takeout, Araya Sushi guarantees a satisfying experience from morning to night. Their menu includes sushi, sashimi a la carte, udon, homemade noodles, and Korean Fried Chicken, a perfect complement to soju for a K-drama-inspired gathering with friends.

#5) Sushi Sushi Japanese Restaurant

best sushi in markham
Image: Sushi Sushi Japanese Restaurant Google reviews

Sushi Sushi is a beloved favourite for both takeout and dine-in. With incredibly fresh sushi, generous portion sizes, and friendly staff, it’s a top choice. Try the spicy salmon sushi pizza for a unique twist. Quick and friendly service makes it perfect for a fast, satisfying meal. Families appreciate the value, especially with options like the Sushi Bento with Grilled Chicken. Enjoy great sushi, reasonable prices, and excellent service here.

#6) Gal’s Sushi

best sushi in markham
Image: @laviedeclaire2023 on Instagram

Gal’s Sushi is a Markham gem known for its satisfying blend of Japanese and Korean cuisine. Patrons rave about the fresh sushi, and the bento boxes come with delightful Korean side dishes. Lunch specials are a steal, with options like sashimi and sushi for $12.99 and sushi with bulgogi for $15.99. The restaurant offers cozy booth seating and takes pride in its affordability without compromising quality. From authentic sushi to Teriyaki, sashimi samplers, and more, Gal’s Sushi has it all. They even offer convenient delivery and take-out options for those who prefer to enjoy their dishes at home. With a decade of satisfied customers, this bustling restaurant remains a top choice for Japanese and Korean food enthusiasts.

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