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The Best Sushi North York Has To Offer (Top 7 Spots)

Savouring the Finest Sushi in North York

Within the vibrant streets of North York, a world of culinary excellence unfolds as we delve into the best sushi North York has to offer. North York boasts a diverse gastronomic landscape, with an abundance of dining experiences to savour. However, when it comes to sushi, this bustling city offers a unique and tantalizing array of options that cater to all tastes.

Whether you’re a seasoned sushi enthusiast or a newcomer eager to embark on a culinary adventure, join us as we journey through the top sushi restaurants that North York has to offer.

Each of these establishments possesses its own distinctive charm and flavours, ensuring a delightful experience that will have you returning for more. From traditional Japanese gems to modern fusion marvels, let’s explore the rich tapestry of North York’s sushi scene.

The Best Sushi North York Has To Offer (Top 7 Spots)

1) Sushi Moto

best sushi north york
Image: @sushi.moto on Instagram

Sushi Moto, renowned as one of North York’s top sushi destinations, is a family-owned restaurant. They further place a strong emphasis on both the inviting atmosphere and exceptional cuisine.

Their dedicated team of professionals is committed to maintaining high standards in every aspect of the dining experience. The menu features standout dishes, including small sashimi combos, Otoro sashimi, hamachi, tuna sashimi, escolar sushi, lion head, and sunkissed rolls.

2) Torch Pressed Sushi

best sushi north york
Image: @torchpressedsushi on Instagram

Torch Pressed Sushi in North York blends traditional Japanese sushi methods from Osaka’s Kansei region with contemporary approaches that honour local preferences and ingredients.

Aburi-style sushi, flame-seared for a unique charred flavour, and Oshizushi-style sushi, creating visually striking layers of taste, unite the old and new to cater to modern palates.

3) Kibo Sushi House

best sushi north york
Image: @kibosushi_official on Instagram

Kibo Sushi, featuring some of the best sushi in North York, offers a delectable sushi experience. With a diverse menu and convenient online ordering, Kibo Sushi ensures customers receive top-notch sushi. Exciting expansion news includes Kibo Sushi Express in Mississauga and Kibo Market at Union Station, making Kibo a go-to for fresh, fast, and delicious sushi.

4) Shinobu Sushi Restaurant

best sushi north york
Image: @pizza_saint_tropez.ca on Instagram

Shinobu Sushi, an authentic Japanese restaurant in North York, offers a diverse menu of sushi and drinks. From refreshing salads and tapas to signature donburi and sashimi selections, the menu caters to every sushi-loving palate.

For sushi enthusiasts, their specialty pressed and a la carte sushi options are a must-try. Located at 3403 Yonge Street, Shinobu Sushi invites you to experience their amazing flavours of Japan.

5) Sushi One

best sushi north york
Image: @sushi.one_toronto on Instagram

Sushi One in North York, located at 4924 Yonge St, offers an array of fresh sushi options for those seeking simple pleasures in life. From appetizers to combos and special rolls, their menu further ensures freshness and quality.

Open from Monday to Sunday with convenient online ordering and delivery options, Sushi One aims to satisfy customers. For example, they offer top-quality food, excellent service, and a pleasant dining experience. You’ll love it here.

6) Yonge Sushi

best sushi north york
Image: @brazilianfoodie on Instagram

Sushi Moto, a family-owned restaurant located at 4901 Yonge Street in Toronto, is sushi, however it’s also much more. They prioritize both their dining menu and the welcoming atmosphere. With a dedicated team of professionals, they further emphasize food quality and exceptional service.

From small sashimi combos to Otoro sashimi and innovative sushi creations like Hamichi and Lion Head rolls, Sushi Moto offers a delicious North York sushi experience.

7) Aburi Tora

best sushi north york
Image: @aburitoratoronto on Instagram

Aburi Hana, located at 102 Yorkville Avenue in Toronto, offers a modern interpretation of Kyō-Kaiseki cuisine, originating from Kyoto, Japan. This elaborate dining style however is further rooted in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. Because of this care and attention to the details, they help to emphasize the subtle flavours of seasonal ingredients.

Aburi Hana’s menu is a fusion of Japanese and local ingredients, utilizing ancient techniques and contemporary gastronomy at an elevated price. For example, their Kyō-Kaiseki experience is priced at $380 per guest, providing a refined, multi-course culinary journey that reflects the seasons and local influences. If you wana spend the cash, this is the spot.

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