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Looking For The Best Toronto Gyms? (Our Top 6 Picks)

Why Does Picking The Right Gym Matter?

Picking the right gym can make all the difference in whether or not you stick to a workout plan. As you may guess, this can make all the difference in your health! Let’s take a look at the best Toronto gyms as of 2023, so we can get you consistent, and on track to achieving your goals!

The 6 Best Gyms In Toronto

1) F45 Training

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Image: @f45_training_torontodowntown on Instagram

F45 Training downtown Toronto is one of the best gyms in Toronto. With super friendly staff who are passionate about their jobs, your fitness is sure to thrive. They also feature great workouts, which is good because that’s kinda the point, right?

Running a tight ship is all in a day’s work at F45, and that equates to you tightening up your… ship as well.

2) Fit Factory Downtown

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Image: @kurt_truk on Instagram

The Fit Factory is one of the best gyms in Toronto. It’s a fitness shop and workout area with two different training rooms. There are (get this!) 300+ monthly classes to sweat and be lead so you don’t have to think about it much. Then, there’s also a state-of-the-art training studio for you to sculpt every conceivable area of your body. They tick off all the fitness boxes, and are also offer a free class to first time visitors!

3) Hone Fitness

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Image: @honefitness on Instagram

Hone Fitness has six locations in and around Toronto. A major bonus with this gym in Toronto is that you also get to use all six locations with your membership. This can be handy if you like to workout near work and then go home sometimes. The locations have varying amounts of equipment, so with your all-access pass you can explore. Pick which one works best for you, and watch all your fitness dreams come true!

4) MOVE Fitness Club

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Image: @movefitnessclub on Instagram

At MOVE Fitness Club, you’ll really get moving. The environment is super inspiring, and the people are positive and upbeat. The decor is a main attraction at MOVE; making it one of the premier gyms in Toronto. They have an inclusive community spirit, and the coaching is second-to-none!

5) Primal Gym

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Image: @justyn.ca on Instagram

Primal Gym has friendly staff, and an outstanding facility. Further, their environment is quiet and without all the obnoxious grunting that you often find in public gyms. The workouts in the loft-like space with the garage door open are the best! Check out Primal, especially if you’re looking to work with a trainer.


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Image: @ymcagta on Instagram

The YMCA is a staple community gym. This fitness centre in Toronto offers reasonable prices, classes, and also trainers. They have a wonderful selection of weights, racks, and bench sets. Plus, if you’re visiting Toronto and have a YMCA membership elsewhere, it will work at this gym! Bonus!

Good luck with those sustainable fitness goals!

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