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The 7 Best Vegan Restaurants In Ottawa For Plant-Based Delights

Explore Vegan Excellence in Ottawa’s Top Restaurants

Ottawa boasts a vibrant vegan dining scene with a range of restaurants that cater to diverse tastes and dietary preferences. Whether you are a lifelong vegan or simply exploring plant-based options, Ottawa offers some of the best choices.

The 7 Best Vegan Restaurants In Ottawa


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Here are seven of the best places to enjoy vegan food in the capital city:

1) The Green Door Restaurant & Bakery

The Green Door, established in 1988, is Ottawa’s oldest vegetarian restaurant. It operates as a buffet-style eatery where customers pay by weight. The restaurant prides itself on using organic and locally sourced ingredients. Its diverse menu includes vegan and gluten-free options such as hearty salads, soups, stews, casseroles, and baked goods. Signature dishes include lentil loaf, tofu stir-fry, and various seasonal vegetables. The Green Door also features a bakery offering fresh bread, pastries, and desserts, all made in-house.

2) Pure Kitchen Elgin

Pure Kitchen is a popular vegan and vegetarian restaurant with a reputation for innovative and health-focused dishes. The Elgin Street location is known for its extensive menu that includes appetizers like buffalo cauliflower wings, a variety of fusion bowls, and hearty mains such as the “Fantastic” bowl with quinoa, tempeh, and roasted vegetables. The restaurant also offers a selection of fresh juices, smoothies, and vegan desserts. Pure Kitchen emphasizes using fresh, local, and organic ingredients whenever possible.

3) Govinda’s


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Govinda’s, associated with the Hare Krishna movement, offers a unique dining experience with a focus on wholesome, sattvic (pure) vegetarian and vegan cuisine. The menu features a daily thali plate that includes a variety of curries, rice, breads, and salads, all prepared without onions, garlic, or mushrooms. Govinda’s aims to provide nourishing meals that align with Ayurvedic principles. The restaurant is also known for its friendly service and tranquil atmosphere, making it a favourite among those seeking nutritious and spiritually aligned food.

4) Peace-Garden Vegetarian

Peace-Garden Vegetarian is a cozy café near Parliament Hill that has been serving vegetarian and vegan fare since 1992. The menu offers a blend of international and Indian-inspired dishes, including daily specials, smoothies, and fresh juices. Popular items include the Indian thali plate, which features a variety of curries and rice, and the tofu bowl. The café also hosts art exhibits and offers free programs related to spirituality and meditation, adding to its community-oriented vibe.

5) Wolf Down


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Wolf Down specializes in Berlin-style doner kebabs, offering a fresh and plant-based twist on this classic street food. Customers can choose from a variety of vegan proteins, including seitan and falafel, complemented by a selection of fresh vegetables and flavourful sauces. The restaurant prides itself on using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients and provides a fast-casual dining experience. Wolf Down’s commitment to delivering delicious and satisfying vegan meals has earned it a loyal following.

6) Astoria Bistro Botanique

Astoria Bistro Botanique focuses on gourmet vegan cuisine, highlighting seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. The menu changes frequently to reflect the freshest produce available, offering dishes that are both innovative and health-conscious. Signature items might include creative salads, hearty grain bowls, and artisanal vegan cheeses. Astoria Bistro Botanique’s dedication to culinary excellence ensures a memorable dining experience for both vegans and non-vegans alike.

7) NAMASTE Vegan, Ottawa


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NAMASTE Vegan offers an extensive menu of Asian-inspired vegan dishes. Known for its flavourful curries, noodle bowls, and sushi rolls, the restaurant places a strong emphasis on using fresh, organic ingredients. The menu caters to a variety of dietary needs, including gluten-free and nut-free options. Popular dishes include the green curry with tofu, spicy ramen, and vegan sushi rolls with avocado and cucumber. NAMASTE Vegan is committed to providing delicious and healthful plant-based meals to its patrons.

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